Zelite Infinity vs Dalstrong

There are so many mediocre products in the market, and such products often come at very tempting price points. In reality, while authentic Japanese knives can be a bit more expensive than the average kitchen knives, they can make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. Below, we will discuss about two high-quality Japanese knives, Zelite Infinity vs Dalstrong.

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– Whether these knives are durable and long-lasting or not
– How to clean and maintain each knife
– The performance of Zelite Infinity vs Dalstrong in the kitchen
– Which Japanese knife that is generally more recommended for you

Zelite Infinity Knife: Overview
Japanese knives are highly regarded for their razor-like sharpness. The cutting edge is so sharp that various cutting and filleting tasks become a breeze. And if you want to prepare restaurant-grade food with the utmost precision, there is no other tool that can match the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife. We take the 8-inch knife as the basis of our comparison (for European-style kitchen knives, see Victorinox Fibrox Pro vs Mercer Culinary Genesis).

Zelite Infinity is available at a competitive price point; it isn’t ultra-expensive like some other Japanese knives that are great but obviously overpriced. Despite the affordability, though, Zelite Infinity still offers an exceptional craftsmanship. The handle has been optimized for a solid and comfortable grip, whereas the blade comes with a unique design that will ensure the best cooking experience. Zelite Infinity has received lots of positive reviews from both home cooks and professional chefs.

The 8-inch blade is made of a premium-quality Japanese steel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The blade has been enhanced to minimize slicing resistance, so you can cut fruits, vegetables, and meats with minimal effort.

One interesting feature is the Tsunami Rose Damascus Pattern decorating the width of the blade. It pairs well with the overall shape of the blade and the elegant triple-riveted handle. The knife looks luxurious. You’ll feel proud to have it in your kitchen. It can definitely be a cool gift for someone who cooks.

The handle is designed ergonomically to ensure a secure yet comfortable grip. The knife has been balanced to ensure optimum feel and performance. Zelite Infinity is backed by a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, as well as a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Zelite Infinity Knife: In Use
One notable difference between Zelite Infinity vs Dalstrong Knife is the material of the blade. What a blade is made of decides the maximum sharpness and durability that the blade can get, as well as whether the blade will be easy to sharpen or not.

Zelite Infinity uses a high-quality carbon stainless steel that is combined with the VG-10 Japanese steel. The blade is ensured to have exceptional sharpness and toughness. If you take a look at the blade, you can see the edge curves smoothly towards the tip; this will allow smooth and easy rocking motion for quick and effortless cutting.

The blade is tempered through a sophisticated liquid nitrogen process. Thanks to this, the knife is not only stain-free and corrosion-free, but also non-stick and very durable. So, even if you are cutting potatoes or raw chicken, the food won’t stick to the blade and you can continue cutting quickly.

Another nice thing about Zelite Infinity is that it is easy to clean and maintain. It is dishwasher-safe, so you can wash it in the dishwasher when you are in a hurry. That said, we still highly recommend manual hand-wash and towel-dry whenever possible, to preserve the sharpness and durability of the blade.

Zelite Infinity is a valuable asset to any kitchen, especially if you host dinners and events quite frequently. Your wrist will be thankful for the rounded ergonomic handle and the nice overall balance of the knife. Not to mention that the pattern on the blade will be very pleasing for your eyes.

Dalstrong Knife: Overview
Dalstrong Knife also demonstrates the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship. It has been designed to be your best companion in the kitchen if you want enhanced control, minimal slippage, and consistent cuts. It comes with an ultra-sharp blade that will allow you to cut with great dexterity and enhance the efficiency of your cooking time.

We also take the 8-inch chef’s knife as the basis of our comparison. Dalstrong Knife is mostly considered a high-quality professional knife. It is made from the highest quality materials, and it aims to be the powerhouse in the kitchen that is capable of precision artistic tasks.

The blade is made of multiple layers of stainless steel. It is said that there are 66 layers of high-carbon AUS415 stainless steel on the blade. The material is resistant to corrosion and offers improved flexibility and hardness. The cutting edge features a 12-degree double-beveled angle which is very sharp. The blade looks premium and professional.

Meanwhile, the handle is made of a military-grade material, which ensures the ruggedness and durability. There is an engraved cap that further promotes the appearance. The handle feels solid and secure, and there is some weight in the blade that makes the overall balance very good. Dalstrong Knife also offers a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Dalstrong Knife: In Use
As mentioned above, one difference between Zelite Infinity vs Dalstrong Knife is the blade material. In the case of Dalstrong Knife, the blade is made of 66 layers of high-carbon AUS415 stainless steel. The multiple layers ensure superior strength and hardness. The blade is designed with the Japanese 3-step Honbazuke method to create a mirror-like polish on each side.

The blade is also nitrogen-cooled to promote the flexibility and increase the hardness. The blade has a full tang, which means that the knife has the maximum robustness and resilience.

The shape of the blade is quite peculiar. Instead of a smooth, rounded curve, the cutting edge features a straighter, more decisive line towards the tip. It is almost like the blade of a short sword. It can still perform well when used for slicing things. The advantage of the unique blade design is that it is far better for chopping and cutting through thick food.

The handle is also nice. It has a tapered bolster which ensures a firm and safe grip. The non-slip surface feels comfortable, and the handle remains impervious to cool and hot temperatures. The handle is lightweight, hence allowing superior agility and precision. The excellent combination of the build quality and design makes Dalstrong Knife an excellent choice for both beginners and professional users.

Take Care of Your Knives
Whichever knife that you choose between Zelite Infinity vs Dalstrong Knife, you will need to take care of the knife carefully. A good quality knife often requires a considerable amount of money; it is typically more expensive than the mediocre products. But it will give you the easiest cutting, slicing, and chopping experience in the kitchen. Then again, it won’t last long if you don’t take care of it.

No matter how sharp or how hard the blade is, it is still the most fragile part of the knife that can be pitted, banged, or damaged even from the smallest abuse. So, do not let your knife get dull. Proper cleaning and maintenance will allow you to enjoy great meals for so many years to come.

So, what should you do to take care of your knife?

First of all, do not ever leave the knife in the sink. Used plates and cups can be left to be washed later, but not the knife. It will get exposed to wetness and moisture, which can lead to pitting and rust if the duration of the exposure is too long. Besides, leaving sharp objects in the sink is dangerous for whoever that will wash the dishes. So, once you’ve finished using the knife, always wash it and then dry it.

Second, protect the blade of the knife when in storage. Ideally, a knife should be put in a dedicated knife rack, where it won’t get scratched or dented. Putting a knife in the utensil drawer along with other utensils is not recommended, because it can get jostled around and this will compromise the blade. If you really have to put the knife in the utensil drawer, you should give it a protective sheath.

Third, washing the knife by hand is the best way to clean it. Some knives are clearly labeled as not dishwasher-safe. However, some others are said to be dishwasher-safe. Even so, washing the knife in a dishwasher is not recommended because the blade will get exposed to chemicals and high temperatures, which is bad. Washing the knife by hand will ensure the longevity of the blade. Dry it with a gentle towel.

Fourth, sharpen the blade regularly. Using a dull knife is dangerous and inconvenient. You will need to sharpen the blade every several uses to keep it in the optimum condition. There are several ways to sharpen the blade, such as using a knife stone, a honing steel, or simply send it to a professional sharpening service.

Fifth, always use a cutting board. Do not cut directly on the countertop. The solid surface of the countertop can damage the blade. A dedicated cutting board is usually made of wood, and is gentle for the blade.

Zelite Infinity vs Dalstrong

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In general, Zelite Infinity is more recommended. It has an excellent build quality. The ergonomics and balance are great. The blade is non-stick, and the curved cutting edge will allow you to slice food easily. In addition, the blade is decorated with a beautiful Tsunami Rose Damascus Pattern, which makes the knife look premium.

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