Victorinox Fibrox vs Swiss Classic

We will discuss two famous chef’s knives, Victorinox Fibrox vs Swiss Classic. When it comes to high-quality kitchen knives that are available under a hundred dollars, people often recommend Victorinox products. Although the company does offer premium, more expensive knives, their products in the entry-level range are loved by both home cooks and pro chefs. So, which knife is better?

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– The design and ergonomics of Victorinox Fibrox
– The design and ergonomics of Victorinox Swiss Classic
– Which knife that is easier and more comfortable to use
– The comparison of their blade quality and performance
– The warranty of Victorinox Fibrox vs Swiss Classic
– Which chef’s knife that is more recommended for you

Design of Victorinox Fibrox
Victorinox Fibrox comes with a special thermoplastic elastomer material for the handle. This material is called “fibrox” by the company – hence the name of the product. The fibrox handle features a nice, soft feel like rubber even though it is actually a kind of plastic. A lot of people love Victorinox Fibrox because of the comfy handle feel. See also: Victorinox Fibrox Pro vs Mercer Culinary Genesis

The fibrox material is easy to color, so unsurprisingly Victorinox Fibrox knives are available in many colors. There is the standard black handle, but there are also more fancy colors such as red, yellow, orange, and blue. The front of the handle has a small raised area which serves as a bolster.

German-style knives are often equipped with notched wooden handles. The notches are meant to increase the ergonomics. However, the handle of Victorinox Fibrox is oval without any over-engineering. The simple design is actually loved by people. Notched handles are strict and not flexible; your hand has to stick to a particular position regardless of the cutting task. The oval handle of Victorinox Fibrox will allow you to place your hand in different positions to suit different cutting tasks more comfortably.

Don’t worry about slipping because the handle is nicely textured, and the rubber-like softness will also help to enhance your grip. Even when wet, the handle will remain solid, stable, and secure in your hand. The size of the handle is just right to suit all hand sizes; it will fit people with smaller hands perfectly, but it can still be gripped by people with larger hands without any issue.

Design of Victorinox Swiss Classic
Ready for a twist? Victorinox Fibrox vs Swiss Classic actually use the same handle material! Yes, Victorinox Swiss Classic has a handle that is made from fibrox, so it will have a similar softness and rubber-like feel. The difference is on the shape of the handle.

The company says that Victorinox Swiss Classic is inspired by Victorinox Fibrox; it comes with the same professional-quality blade but with a handle that is specially designed for home cooks. The question is, do home cooks require a different handle design than professional chefs? If possible, home cooks would want to get the same thing that is used by professional chefs rather than a different one.

Nevertheless, Victorinox Swiss Classic has been released with a strange handle design. The upper part of the handle is ridged, whereas the lower section is thinner and scalloped. This design actually makes the knife not very comfortable to use. It will cause more hand fatigue, and transitioning between different positions for different cuts will be awkward.

Victorinox Swiss Classic is also available in a variety of colors, such as black, red, blue, yellow, and orange. The overall weight is very similar to Victorinox Fibrox. The blade is similar, too, with a smoothly curving cutting edge and an exposed heel to allow full-length sharpening. The handle also has a small raised part as a bolster.

The fibrox handles of Victorinox Fibrox vs Swiss Classic are tougher and more durable than wooden handles that are often used on German-style knives. The problem with wooden handles is that they are prone to moisture. Wooden handles can get damaged easily by liquid that seeps into them. Meanwhile, these fibrox handles don’t absorb liquid, and are very durable.

Both Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic are dishwasher-safe. Even so, it is still highly recommended to wash your knife by hand. The heavy jets of water produced by a dishwasher can quicken the dulling of the blade. After washing the knife, you need to dry the blade with a gentle cloth to quickly remove moisture that may damage the blade if left on the surface.

Both Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic are half-tang knives; but they are very different from cheap half-tang knives in the market. The problem with a traditional half tang is that it may come loose from the handle, especially after a heavy work. In addition, the crevice between the tang and the handle may collect grime over time.

However, Victorinox’s “hidden tang” design secures the tang perfectly inside the handle, so that it will never get loose. This is guaranteed by the warranty. The spot where the tang meets the handle is extremely tight, so it will not collect grime. The “hidden tang” design of Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic feels very much like a full-tang knife.

Blade Quality and Performance
In terms of blade quality, Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic are similar. They both have well-made blades that are easy to sharpen and quite durable. They also have a similar blade shape.

If you prefer to use lightweight knives in your kitchen, you will love these knives very much. They are lightweight enough to allow you to make various cuts easily. You won’t need much effort to lift these knives, so your hand muscles will be happy to work with them.

Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic will allow you to make quick work on watermelon, squash, cantaloupe, eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes. Such fruits and vegetables can be a bit of a challenge, but the long blade will give you the necessary leverage to pierce through the thick skin. Meanwhile, the cutting edge can be sharpened very well to allow smooth, clean cuts on soft foods like tomatoes.

The difference in the performance of Victorinox Fibrox vs Swiss Classic is mostly caused by the handle. In general, you will feel more comfortable working with Victorinox Fibrox’s oval handle. Transitioning into different motions and angles feels natural and easy. Meanwhile, the strange handle of Victorinox Swiss Classic will put more strain on your wrist; performing different cuts will feel awkward.

Nevertheless, cutting bread with either knife is easy. The blade will cut through the bread as if it is butter. Note that you will need to keep the blade in a sharp, healthy condition. If the blade has become dull, you will need to spend extra effort to cut bread without smashing it around.

Raw chicken and potatoes are also very easy to cut with these knives. There is very minimal resistance. The small pieces of raw chicken and potatoes tend to stick a bit, however, but it won’t be a real problem. Meanwhile, cutting steaks is almost as easy as cutting raw meats, except for the slightly increased resistance.

Cleaning and Maintenance
As mentioned previously, Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic are dishwasher-safe. But you will want to wash these knives by hand in order to preserve their longevity. Washing these knives by hand will ensure that their blades won’t get banged or pitted.

Fortunately, cleaning these knives is easy. The single-piece mold of the handle around the half tang is extremely tight, so it is impossible for food juices or grime to get into the joint. Both Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic are certified by the NSF, as they have been made through the highest sanitary standards.

You should hone these knives every several uses. Proper honing will keep the cutting edge in its best performance. However, a honing steel is more of a maintenance tool for keeping an already sharp blade from dulling quickly. The blade will still eventually get dull. Once it is dull, you need to use a knife sharpener or send the knife to a professional sharpening service.

Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic come from the same company. Unsurprisingly, they come with a similar return policy and warranty.

If you purchase directly from Victorinox, you will be given a 30-day period to test the product. If you are not satisfied with it while still in this period, you can return the product for a refund. In order to return the knife, you will need to fill an online form, put the knife back into the original packaging, and use a prepaid shipping that is sent to you. The company will send you an email and add the refund to your credit card once they receive the knife.

However, if you purchase the knife from a retailer, you will need to check whether the specific retailer has a return policy or not. For example, Amazon does provide a 30-day return policy, but some others do not.

Both Victorinox Fibrox and Victorinox Swiss Classic are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The “limited” term indicates that the warranty only covers manufacturing defect. It won’t cover normal wear and tear, or damage from abuse, neglect, or improper use.

Victorinox Fibrox vs Swiss Classic

- For home chefs & professionals. This Fibro Pro chef's knife has been the top choice of both home chefs and professionals alike. Expertly crafted with a tapered stainless steel edge that cuts with ease and efficiency.
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- Contemporary handle inspired by our Fibrox Pro line is textured, ergonomic, and slip-resistant and is paired with lightweight European steel for a perfectly balanced design
- “Recommended” by a leading gourmet consumer magazine that features unbiased ratings and reviews of cookware and kitchen equipment

Between these two models, Victorinox Fibrox is better and more recommended. It has a much better handle. The oval shape is more comfortable to grip, and will allow natural transitions between different cuts. The blade quality is very good.

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