The Buck Hoodlum Vs Esee Junglas Knives

A quality knife is an integral part of your survival toolkit. Unpredictable and unexpected situations may arise where your survival will entirely depend on your experience and the resources on hand. A survival knife is an important resource that should be kept close by in case of an unexpected eventuality. For many years, man has depended on some kind of cutting tool to assist in meeting some basic survival needs such as fire, food water and shelter. Today, this cutting tool is casually referred to as the survival knife. However, not all survival knives are the same. A survival knife should be easy to use besides being able to meet several survival related functions such as cutting/slicing, digging, splitting, self-defense, first aid tool, hunting weapon among many more. The following is a comparison between the Buck Hoodlum vs Esee Junglas Knives.

Survivalists and woodsmen are a special category of people, they depend on knives for survival. The Esee Junglas is a knife that can only be compared to a shot of adrenaline to knife junkies. The Junglas is a large survival knife made from high carbon steel and is mainly used in chopping wood for fire or for building shelters. This knife is big and heavy resembling a machete hence it may not be a popular choice among many survivors who prefer small concealable knives but its an extremely strong knife all the same. This knife is not made from stainless steel which makes it susceptible to rust which means it must be kept dry and oiled.

The Buck Hoodlum knife on the other hand is regarded as the best wilderness survival knife that is a perfect choice for those who want a large but lightweight super rugged knife. This is an all-in-one type of knife best for any survival and utility need. It is 25 cm long with a fine edge blade and a nylon sheath. It is a good knife for chopping, batoning, clearing and self-defense due to its extra thick blade.

Name The Buck HoodlumEsee Junglas Knives
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While most survival knives are a challenge to carry around because of their additional weight, the Hoodlum has overcome this weight challenge since its made from 5160 carbon steel that is generally tougher and lighter in weight compared to the Esee Junglas. The Buck Hoodlum vs Esee Junglas is a tough knives contest but the Hoodlum is a must have in your survival toolkit.

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