Spyderco Chicago vs Ambitious

Spyderco Chicago and Spyderco Ambitious are two folding knives that look very similar to each other. They are viable optionsfor a compact EDC knife that you can carry around comfortably in your pocket all day. Nevertheless, there are a few distinctions that set Spyderco Chicago vs Ambitious apart, such as the blade material and handle design. See the detailed comparisons between these two great knives below!

The first thing to consider when choosing between these two knives is the dimensions. Both models are slim, compact, and lightweight, but Spyderco Chicago is the smaller and lighter one of the two. It has a total length of 5.03” and a closed length of 3.125”. The weight is barely 1.9 oz. You can pocket it very comfortably without any real problem.

On the other hand, Spyderco Ambitious is a little bit bigger and heavier. It has a total length of 5-13/16”. When closed, it is 3-19/36”. The weight is about 3.3 oz. It is still portable, but not as practical as the Chicago.

Handle Design
You may have noticed that these two knives have slightly different handle designs. Both knives are equipped with G-10 handle scales, which are solid and reliable. Spyderco Chicago features a curved ergonomic to keep your index finger in place when used. However, it does not have any spine jimping.

Spyderco Ambitious comes with a slightly curved handle which may feel more comfortable for some people, especially if you prefer to keep your four fingers close to each other. There is a spine jimping on the blade to enhance the handling.

Each of the two knives has a lanyard hole. Spyderco Chicago comes with a reversible tip-up carry clip, whereas Spyderco Ambitious comes with a four-way hourglass clip for tip-up/down, left/right carrying. Both knives have Walker LinerLocks and skeletonized internal liners.

Blade Size and Quality
Before you make a decision about which knife to buy, you have to make sure whether your city implements a restriction on the maximum blade length that can be carried around legally. For example, the city of Chicago only allows people to carry knives with a blade length of up to 2.0” – which is exactly why Spyderco Chicago was made. It has a blade length of 2.0”, so it is legal to carry around in the city.

On the other hand, Spyderco Ambitious has a slightly longer blade of 2.25”. So, it may be illegal to carry in some Chicago and some other places.

How about the blade quality of Spyderco Chicago vs Spyderco Ambitious? The blade of Spyderco Chicago is made of the CTS-BD1 stainless steel, whereas Spyderco Ambitious’s blade is made of the 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. Generally speaking, Spyderco Chicago’s blade is better due to the high edge retention, good durability, and impressive corrosion resistance.

Name Spyderco ChicagoSpyderco Ambitious
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Between these two knives, Spyderco Chicago is more recommended because of the slim profile, lightweight design, and better blade quality. The tough blade is suitable for a variety of EDC tasks. Not to mention that the shorter blade length makes it legal to carry around in some places.

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