SOG Trident Vs Trident Elite

Folding pocket knives or knife is a knife with a blade that can be folded into the handle. The eyes of the blade may amount to one or more. Also known as Jack-knife. The folding knife is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of things ranging from opening the envelope, cut the thread, do the cut emergency throat (tracheostomy), slicing the fruit or as a means of self defense. Everyone seems to have had this knife as a mandatory item. If you don’t already have one and are still confused by the large number of knives that are offered on the market, you don’t worry about it, who knows with after reading a review about SOG Trident vs Trident Elite you will choose one of them or even both?

SOG Trident
SOG Trident is a fast-opening, folding blade that can be used in a number of environments. It has a unique blade with many technologies that go into the opening of the blade as well as how the blades are forged. A straight edge blade makes it easy to slice into various items. Can be used for fishing, hunting, and as a general survival knife. It is a straight blade that measures 3.75 “when fully extended When it is closed, it is a simple 4.75” and weighs only 3.6 ounces. There is a point-clip knife shape and an AUS-8 steel blade. Cutting the paracord and other items can be done without opening the knife, saving time. The blade also opens easily with S.A.T, if not referred to as SOG assisted technology. This can ensure the blade is fully extended when needed. The Trident Knife remains solid and sound throughout our testing and has never failed on us once. The stainless steel blades on the Trident model are all the same but the TF-1 unit testing has a black Titanium nickel layer on it. There is a slight disadvantage to the layer because over time it will definitely become scratched even though TiNi is a very difficult material. Even if the layers can be damaged after prolonging use and abuse, this is a model that anglers should use because TiNi layer not only adds to surface hardness but also increases blade resistance to corrosion.

SOG Trident Elite
SOG Trident Elite folding knife is designed to handle emergency situations, SOG Trident Elite wrap the Lockback folding blade with the best performance technology to stay ready for action on the spot. This is light, among 4.4 oz folding blades utilizing SOG’s proven S.A.T. assisted system opening with strong Arc-actuator sliding lock for reliable safety when in use. This useful lockback also offers built-in safety that locks the blades closed with visual confirmation that the blades are closed and locked. Cutter slot grooves in nylon glass-reinforced handle with rubber-textured inset allows you to cut the fishing rod, thread, and other thin strings of all types safely without opening the knife. Eyes straight, point clips, 3.7 “AUS-8 stainless steel blades are strong and hold edges better than standard blades thanks to SOG’s Cryogenic heat treatment. Click belt bring reversible, low can be easily switched to forward left or right or removed to bring in a bag overall length is among 8.7”. Trident Elite features SOG patented aided technology and is ready to go on right away. Sister, sorts, other members of the Trident knife line, this model is designed to do when and where needed. Have to break auto glass or find a safe way to cut cable, wicker or seat belt in a rescue situation? This knife can do that. Need to lock the knife to intense cut, safe? This blade covers it, too.

Name SOG TridentSOG Trident Elite
Key Features- Fast one-hand opening SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) with built in blade safety lock - 3.75-inch black TiNi coated straight edge tanto AUS8 stainless steel blade - Durable, lightweight, and rugged Black Glass-reinforced Nylon handle with groove - Low carry reversible bayonet pocket clip - Overall length: 8.5-inches, Weight: 3.6-ounces, Lifetime Warranty- Super Fast one-hand opening SOG Assisted - Technology (SAT 2.0) with built in blade safety lock and Groove in handle - 3.7-inch Black TiNi coated straight edge AUS8 stainless steel blade - Glass-reinforced Nylon handle with Textured rubber inserts and glass-breaker - Trademark SOG reversible low-carry pocket clip - Overall length: 8.7-inches, Weight: 3.9-ounces, Lifetime Warranty

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Looking on the specifications on both SOG Trident vs Trident Elite, it is clearly seen that the Elite model is the winner so far. A Trident itself has a flash and most recently a Trident which got returned. Fresh out of the package it had horrible play in every direction and the lock actually wouldn’t engage all (based on mostly reviews). As we know, the more expensive a thing, then the more people consider that is better stuff for them to have.

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