SOG Aegis vs Trident

In this post, we will see the comparisons between two great folding knives, SOG Aegis vs Trident. Both knives are loved by many people, and they are available in a similar price range. However, these knives do have different designs and features, and they may benefit people with different needs and preferences.

Overall Dimensions
First of all, we can compare SOG Aegis vs Trident by their dimensions. Between the two, Aegis is the smaller and lighter one. The differences are not very dramatic, but quite noticeable. Aegis measures 8.25 inches long with a weight of about 3.1 oz. The smaller, lighter design allows for a more comfortable carry. See the complete SOG Aegis Review here!

On the other hand, Trident is a little bigger and heavier. The total length is 8.5 inches. When folded, it is still 4.75 inches long. The weight is about 3.6 oz. Well, this is still a portable folding knife, but it is not as compact and lightweight as Aegis.

Handle Design and Features
You can immediately see that SOG Aegis and SOG Trident come with very different designs and features. Both knives’ handles are made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) with black TiNi finish, but the shapes are very different.

SOG Aegis comes with a highly ergonomic handle. The handle has a distinctive curve and mild jimping which promote the handling. Compared to the Trident, the handle of SOG Aegis fits a little better in the hand. You can grip it with great confidence. However, SOG Aegis does not have the Groove feature, which is available on the Trident.

On the other hand, SOG Trident’s handle is relatively straight. It still feels nice in the hand. On the handle, there is a distinctive slot which is called the Groove. You can use this slot to cut a paracord, fishing line, strap, or seatbelt without having to open the blade. Don’t worry, the Groove will not hurt your hand when you are holding the knife. This feature is very handy and useful.

Blade Design
Both SOG Aegis and SOG Trident come with AUS-8 stainless steel blades. They both have very good strength, durability, and edge retention. However, their blades come with different designs.

SOG Aegis’s blade has a drop point design. This is a versatile design that is suitable for various purposes. It can do well for cutting, slicing, prying, and penetration. Because of the versatility, the Aegis makes an excellent all-purpose knife.

On the other hand, SOG Trident comes with a tanto blade. The design does look stylish and elegant. It is good for combat, as it has good penetration power. However, the flat cutting edge makes it somewhat less practical for slicing and cutting. It is also a little more difficult to sharpen.

Name SOG AegisSOG Trident
Key Features- Known for their uncompromising style and performance - Ergonomically contoured and well balanced handle - Lightweight and easy to carry - SOG Assisted Technology - Comes with a limited lifetime warranty- Fast one-hand opening SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) with built in blade safety lock - 3.75-inch black TiNi coated straight edge tanto AUS8 stainless steel blade - Durable, lightweight, and rugged Black Glass-reinforced Nylon handle with groove

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Both Aegis and Trident are great knives, and you can’t go wrong with either of them. Aegis makes a great choice if you prefer a handle that fills your grip and a versatile blade. On the other hand, Trident may make a better choice if you are looking for a combat knife. The Groove slot makes a nice utility feature.

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