SOG Aegis Review: Lightweight and Versatile Folding Knife

Choosing a name for a new product is almost like naming a newborn child. The name is supposed to symbolize the qualities of the product, just like a child’s name symbolizing the hopes of the parents. “Aegis” is a word with ancient roots; it is commonly found in Greek mythology. The meaning is shield, protection, or protector. Hence, one may expect SOG Aegis to be the ultimate self-defense knife to protect you in dire situations. However, this lightweight folder is actually very versatile and suitable for various purposes. Continue reading our SOG Aegis review below to understand better about this great folding knife!

The Variants
Regardless of whether this is intended or not, the Aegis line happens to be a showcase of SOG’s trademark elements. It features the company’s proprietary assisted opening mechanism which is called S.A.T. (SOG Assisted-opening Technology). However, it differs from other lines by incorporating the company’s proprietary Arc-Lock as well.

There are seven variants available in the SOG Aegis line:
– Plain satin blade with black handle,
– Plain black blade with black handle,
– Plain black blade with DigiCamo handle,
– Partially serrated black tanto blade with black handle,
– Partially serrated black tanto blade with DigiCamo handle,
– Mini version with satin blade and black handle,
– Mini version with black blade and black handle.

You may choose your favorite model depending on your needs and preferences. You may choose the plain satin blade if you don’t like the black finish. Meanwhile, most people are in a love-hate relationship with partially serrated blades; you get a shorter cutting edge in order to have some serrated part. You may choose a partially serrated blade if you need the serrated edge but don’t want to carry a dedicated knife. Finally, the mini version is great if you need a portable, concealable knife.

From now on, we will focus our review on the variant with a black blade and black handle. Actually, the measurements of the different variants are more-or-less similar. SOG Aegis has a total length of about 8.25 inches when opened. The blade length is 3.5 inches, so that leaves you with about 4.75 inches of the handle when it is folded.

Compared to other EDC knives, this knife falls in the larger category. However, SOG Aegis is incredibly lightweight with a weight of just 3.1 oz. This is a big advantage for an EDC knife that you’ll carry around almost all the time. You can pocket this knife comfortably without much of an issue.

Blade Quality
One of the reasons why SOG Aegis is an impressive knife is the blade. SOG Aegis comes with a high-quality blade that is highly durable, versatile, and reliable. It has exceptional sharpness and corrosion resistance, and the black TiNi finish further adds an additional layer of protection against moisture and stains.

The blade of SOG Aegis is made of the AUS-8 stainless steel. This is a Japanese-made stainless steel with medium carbon and high chromium levels. Many people agree that this is one of the best materials that you can use for a knife. It can be sharpened very well, and it can cut through things effortlessly when properly sharpened. It also has decent toughness. It resists corrosion and staining quite well.

There is just one weakness, which is the edge retention. It does not hold the sharpness for a long time, especially with frequent use. So, if you want to have the knife ready at all times, you have to maintain and sharpen the blade regularly every once in a while.

The plain blades come with a clip point design, whereas the partially serrated blades come with a tanto design. In general, SOG Aegis is a great knife for slicing and cutting. You will be impressed by how easily it can slice through a variety of objects, from cardboard to plastic. You can also use it to peel an apple. However, don’t be misled; SOG Aegis is not suitable for heavy tasks such as digging, prying, and batoning.

Handle Design
Interestingly, the handle of SOG Aegis has become one of the most understated aspects of the knife. While the blade and features are indeed awesome, the ergonomic handle is also very impressive. You will appreciate the comfortable yet solid handling of this knife very much.

SOG Aegis comes with fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) handle scales, which are sturdy and lightweight. There are tacky rubber inserts which prevent slipping and enhance the feel. The shape features a wide palm-filling hump which narrows just behind the blade to allow more control without the need of a finger choil.

The checkered texturing is comfy and functional. There is also some jimping on the back of the blade which allows you to guide a cut with your thumb.

SOG Aegis comes with the proprietary SOG Assisted Technology and Arc-Lock. The lock is completely ambidextrous, so left-handed and right-handed users can use it equally well. It is also optimized for one-handed operation.

The assisted opening mechanism works on the balance of opposing high-tension coil springs. When you open the blade, the propelling force of the blade becomes greater than the closing force of the lock, thereby unfolding the knife swiftly. It is quite fast and efficient.

In addition, there is a reversible clip at the end of the handle. You can adjust the clip for the left- or right-hand carry position. There is a built-in safety to ensure that the knife won’t be accidentally opened in your pocket.


- Known for their uncompromising style and performance - Ergonomically contoured and well balanced handle - Lightweight and easy to carry - SOG Assisted Technology - Comes with a limited lifetime warranty - Easy-to-handle knife that stands up to tough use, while showcasing top-end opening and locking technology - Partially serrated edge, 3.5-inch AUS-8 steel folding blade has a tanto shape with a hardcase black TiNi finish

All in all, SOG Aegis is a truly impressive knife. It is very lightweight and versatile. The high-quality blade can slice through anything effortlessly, and the handle is incredibly solid and comfortable. It comes with an excellent lock and assisted opening. This is a great knife for EDC and self-defense purposes, although it is not suitable for digging, prying, and batoning.

SOG Aegis Review: Specifications
Weight: 3.1 oz.
Total Length: 8.25”
Blade Length: 3.5”
Edge: Half Serrated
Steel: AUS 8 medium-carbon high-chromium stainless steel
Finish: Black TiNi
Handle: Glass-Reinforced Nylon
SOG Assisted Technology™

SOG Aegis Review: Pros
• High quality blade with great sharpness and durability
• The rounded handle scales are solid and comfortable
• Efficient assisted opening
• Lightweight and portable folding knife

SOG Aegis Review: Price
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