Schrade Schf36 Vs Becker BK2

When it comes to the special title in Schrade Schf36 vs Becker BK2, you can guess already the winner, but still confuse because on the other hand, they are very similar. Not only on the features, but also on the performances, although they come to the different brand. You feel it. So, read a review may help you just a bit.

Schrade Schf36
How about Schrade Schr36 as competitor? SCHF36 is billed as a blade survival. We have to regret because, we do not know what marketing talk really means, but I’ve found that it works well in hard-to-use tasks, like batonning, and in task camps, like fire and food preparations. The blade goes 1095 steel. The flat ground blade is five inches from the tip to handle, but the cutting edge may be half an inch shorter because of the forward finger choil. The handle is made of impact resistant plastic called TPE. It was a little chewy with a touch, more so than FRN, for example. The blades are equipped with nylon sheaths, and in the sheath there are several extras, including sharpening plates and ferrocerium sticks. This knife, like all Schrade’s products, is manufactured in China. The blade itself is massively thick with 1/4 inch thick of stock knife. The entire surface of the steel is covered in a thick and coarse powder coating to lend a high carbon steel a little rust protection. The overall package is quite heavy, coming in at 1 pound 4 ounces in a holster.

Becker BK2
We realize that we have not mentioned the features in Becker BK2 clearly yet, like this one Esee 5 vs Becker BK2. Here they are: 1095 cro-van steel blades: steel blades are mainly made of carbon steel Cro-van. They do not lose their sharp quickly, and when they do, it’s easy for the user to sharpen with whetstone. Until now, 1095 cro-van steel was used in many KA-BAR knives. 1/4 inch thickness of the blade: this ensures toughness. Also, because of thick blades, it is easier to apply power to it. Users can also be sure that it will not bend or break easily when in use. Drop Point Blade shape: In addition to other quality of KABAR BK2 blade, the drop point blade shape makes the knife very good as kitchen knife. Grivory Handle: This handle provides a nice, smooth and balanced handle for the user. Glass filled with nylon sheath: The nylon-filled glass is basically nylon with a few glass particles mixed into it. Glass increases durability, although the amount is controlled to maintain nylon flexibility. Therefore, the sheath is amazingly difficult, but also flexible. Some Lanyard holes: The sheath and blade have many of their holes, and the user can attach a rope on one of them.

Name Schrade Schf36Becker BK2
Key Features- Powder Coated 1095 High Carbon Steel Drop Point Blade with Finger Choil - Ring Textured TPE Handle with Spine and Grip Jimping and Lanyard Hole - Black Polyester Belt Sheath with Ferro Rod and Sharpening Stone- Full tang heavy duty field knife suited for camping chores. - Made in Olean New York, U.S.A - Designed by Ethan Becker - Manufactured by KA-BAR Knives Inc. Comes with a hard shell black nylon sheath

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Beside of reading this article, we also recommend you to watch the video comparison especially for this title of Schrade Schf36 vs Becker BK2, because we worry that you are not satisfied enough if you just read a chain words here. And because, they are very similar to each other, so that it will be hard on you too. However, we decide to recommend Becker BK2 american made, with more than likely has a better warranty, better customer service, and there are a lot of accesories out there too for the BK2 as well.

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