Schrade SCHF28 Vs SCHF45

Schrade SCHF28 and Schrade SCHF45 are two large fixed knives that won’t cost you a fortune. These knives are so large and beefy, suitable for combat and survival purposes. Schrade SCHF28 Little Ricky is the shorter one of the two, featuring a curved cutting edge and a drop point design. On the other hand, Schrade SCHF45 Leeroy is a longer bowie knife with a straighter cutting edge. Continue reading below to see more about Schrade SCHF28 vs SCHF45!

About Schrade SCHF28
Undoubtedly, Schrade SCHF28 is a beast. It has an attractive blade pattern which is cut from a rugged single slab of stainless steel, creating a knife that is really well-balanced and comfortable to wield. It is like a hybrid of a large survival knife and a short machete. With a length of about 14 inches and a weight of a little over one pound, Schrade SCHF28 packs a real wallop in each strike. The deep hollow grind and sweeping re-curved shape make a perfect combination for an aggressive chopper. It can bite into any material that you hack it into.

Schrade SCHF28 comes with a narrowed spine which further enhances the attractive look. The narrowed spine also helps to reduce some weight from the blade. However, there is some trade-off: the spine is not really flat or squared-off. Because of this, Schrade SCHF28 is not suitable for bushcraft tasks such as batoning.

Schrade SCHF28 is more than tough enough to get some chopping enough, but the cutting edge is still fine enough to feather a stick. It is quite versatile, as it can substitute several bladed tools at once. If you are looking for a versatile yet powerful chopper, Schrade SCHF28 is a great choice.

About Schrade SCHF45
When choosing between Schrade SCHF28 vs SCHF45, you really should consider that Schrade SCHF45 is really an enormous knife. It is almost 16.5 inches long, and the widest part of the blade is as wide as 2.25 inches. It is also quite heavy. This is not the most portable knife, but it has amazing chopping power and rock-solid durability.

Despite the size, Schrade SCHF45 is surprisingly ergonomic and easy to handle. The balanced design allows you to have exceptional control over the blade without much fatigue. The bowie-style profile definitely creates an attractive look. However, just like Schrade SCHF28, the spine is not flat and squared. As the effect, it is not good for prying and batoning.

Schrade SCHF45 is an ideal substitute for a small hatchet. It can chop through the same amount of material as a hatchet with similar effort, and it can handle some tasks that you normally wouldn’t attempt with a hatchet. This is a tough and rough knife that can get the job done without a significant load of cash.

Name Schrade SCHF28Schrade SCHF45
Key Features- Titanium Coated 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Re-Curve Blade - Featuring Finger Guard and Choil TPE, Handle Slabs with Finger Grooves - Lanyard Hole and Nylon Fiber Belt Sheath- Titanium Coated 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel Bowie Blade - Featuring Finger Guard and Choil, TPE Handle Slabs with Finger Grooves and Lanyard Hole - Nylon Fiber Belt Sheath

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Choosing between Schrade SCHF28 and Schrade SCHF45 depends on your size preference. If you prefer a smaller machete-like knife that is more portable, Schrade SCHF28 is the way to go. However, if you prefer a large knife with enormous chopping power, go with Schrade SCHF45. It also has a straighter cutting edge.

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