Milwaukee 2767-20 vs 2863-20

In this article, we will help you choose between two of the most powerful cordless impact wrenches from Milwaukee, which are Milwaukee 2767-20 vs 2863-20. As a matter of fact, these two models actually have similar power. So, it is not about which one that can deliver more torque. It is more about determining what features that you need.

Continue reading below to learn further about:
– The main difference between Milwaukee 2767-20 and 2863-20
– What Milwaukee’s One-Key technology can do for you
– What’s included in each bundle
– The design and features of each impact wrench
– The performance of Milwaukee 2767-20 and 2863-20
– The warranty information for these cordless impact wrenches
– Which model that is generally more recommended

The Main Difference between Milwaukee 2767-20 vs 2863-20
Milwaukee 2767-20 is a 1/2-inch impact wrench, the “Fuel” version in the company’s line-up that does not come with the One-Key technology. It is pretty much the same tool as Milwaukee 2863-20; it has identical breakaway torque values as Milwaukee 2863-20, which is the “Fuel” version that comes with the One-Key technology. See also: Milwaukee 2457 20 M12 vs 2457-21

The “Fuel” label on Milwaukee products indicates that it is equipped with a brushless DC motor, which is supposed to have greater torque, better longevity, and longer battery life than its brushed motor counterpart. Both Milwaukee 2767-20 and Milwaukee 2863-20 are “Fuel” impact wrenches.

However, Milwaukee 2767-20 does not have the One-Key technology. If you choose Milwaukee 2863-20, you get the One-Key technology, which will allow you to perform a variety of things. Another notable difference is that the One-Key version has a slightly bigger base, due to containing a GPS chip. There is a small weight difference, but it is barely noticeable. Of course, the One-Key version is more expensive because of the added feature.

So, what does Milwaukee’s One-Key technology offer? To begin with, the One-Key technology has a theft lockout function; you can lock the unit and rend it useless through the mobile app. You can also track the locations of your One-Key enabled tools, set limits on their maximum power, and configure some settings for tightening fasteners or lug nuts. Such features are useful for someone who is running a company, but for personal use, these features are completely optional.

What’s Included?
Milwaukee 2767-20 is a tool-only bundle. It only comes with the impact wrench. No battery or charger is included. This is a decent choice if you already have a Milwaukee M18 battery and charger. However, if you prefer to purchase the tool along with a battery and charger, there is the Milwaukee 2863-22 bundle available.

Milwaukee 2863-20, similarly, is a tool-only bundle. It requires a Milwaukee M18 battery in order to work. The one that includes a battery and charger is Milwaukee 2863-22.

Milwaukee 2767-20: Design and Features
Now that you understand the main difference between Milwaukee 2767-20 vs 2863-20, let’s take a deeper look at their design, features, and performance. Let’s start with the regular Fuel version that is without the One-Key technology.

It is obvious that Milwaukee 2767-20 (and its sibling, Milwaukee 2863-20) has been designed to be the “king” of cordless impact wrenches. With 1,400-ft-lbs of torque for nut busting, this tool is an absolute beast. The power is much higher than any other cordless model in the market right now. For fastening, you can get up to 1,000-ft-lbs of torque from this model.

Of course, there is more to Milwaukee 2767-20 than just raw power. On this unit, you can find a relatively new 4-mode drive control, which consists of three speeds and a bolt-removal mode. The bolt-removal mode will unfold all of the tool’s power towards the fastener to break it free, then the tool will immediately reduce the speed to only 750 RPM – a wise idea to prevent lug nuts from hurling across the room at 1,800 RPM.

Milwaukee has also cut some inches from the body to make it more compact. Milwaukee 2767-20 is roughly 0.7 inches shorter than the average length of the competitors in the high-torque impact wrench scene, and more than 0.5 inches shorter than previous Milwaukee models. On the handle, there is a rubber overmold for ergonomic support and comfort.

Milwaukee 2767-20: Performance
When tested, there is no doubt that Milwaukee 2767-20 vs 2863-20 is a powerful cordless unit. But the power also comes with an increased weight and increased price. Still, the huge power of this impact wrench will make it a very capable tool for the jobsite.

Is Milwaukee 2767-20 powerful enough to replace pneumatic impact wrenches? We can say that pneumatic models will still remain in the market for quite some time, but cordless models are definitely becoming more and more popular. Milwaukee 2767-20, in particular, is capable enough to tackle most tasks that are normally done with a pneumatic model.

That said, note that Milwaukee 2767-20 has a friction-ring anvil at 1,400-ft-lbs but a pin-detent only at 1,100. So, we can assume that the anvil is the unit’s relative weak point. Nevertheless, if you need a powerful and reliable impact wrench that is cordless, compact, and portable, Milwaukee 2767-20 is a highly recommended choice.

Milwaukee 2863-20: Design and Features
Milwaukee 2863-20 is a Fuel impact wrench with the One-Key technology. For a cordless tool, it is on the beefy side, but it is still well-balanced and very comfortable to use. There is a rubber overmold to add some ergonomics and ensure your hand’s comfort during a prolonged use. On the sides, you can find belt hook holes which can be handy if you prefer to hook your tools to your belt or pocket.

On Milwaukee 2863-20 you can find a programmable drive control which is simple and easy to use. You can adjust the torque and speed precisely to suit the task at hand. The controls are all located near the bottom of the handle. All of the 4 modes are customizable. In addition, there is a Bluetooth button that is used to connect the unit to the One-Key mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

One of the most impressive things about Milwaukee 2767-20 vs 2863-20 is their superior consistent performance. Many other cordless models are unable to deliver consistent torque levels, especially after the batteries have been drained to some levels. But Milwaukee has implemented advanced sensors that enable these impact wrenches to adjust their output levels for consistent performance. This way, Milwaukee 2767-20 and Milwaukee 2863-20 become truly viable options for professionals.

Under the controls, you can find an integrated LED light. This has become a common feature on many power tools, but it is still a positive thing to point out. The light is very useful when working in a dim environment. Unfortunately, some people would prefer the light to be placed higher up in order to avoid shadows, such as when working in narrow locations. Sometimes, you may find your arm blocking the light and casting a shadow.

Milwaukee 2863-20: Performance
Milwaukee 2863-20 is an impressive cordless impact wrench. It is a real beast, with 1,400-ft-lbs of torque for nut busting and 1,000-ft-lbs for fastening. And such huge power is put in such a compact yet durable body.

As mentioned above, there is an advanced sensor that enables the tool to adjust its output for consistent torque. In practice, this is truly effective and reliable. Milwaukee 2863-20 consistently fastens nuts properly. It never over-torque or under-torque the nuts. Though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t need a torque wrench for the final touch.

If you often get involved in a wide range of jobs, such as home construction, remodels, excavation, or even vehicle repairs, you will be surprised by how Milwaukee 2863-20 is very versatile. This high-torque impact wrench can fit your needs perfectly. The ability to adjust the maximum power will allow you to tackle both light-duty and heavy-duty tasks just fine. Many users have used Milwaukee 2863-20 for adding anchor bolts, changing vehicle tires, and equipment repairs; they are highly satisfied.

How about the Warranty?
When you are about to purchase a power tool, it is always important to check the warranty. This is to make sure that you can get a repair or replacement in case that you get a defective product. Of course, Milwaukee is known to produce high-quality products, but defects can still happen due to various reasons.

The company provides a 5-year warranty for the impact wrench. In addition, there is a separate 3-year warranty for the battery and a 5-year warranty for the charger. The warranty coverage is counted from the purchase date. Don’t throw away the purchase receipt, as you will need to attach it when making a warranty claim.

The warranty will cover any manufacturing defect found in the product. However, it won’t cover normal wear and tear, or any damage that is resulted from neglect, abuse, or improper use.

Milwaukee 2767-20 vs 2863-20

- Provides maximum productivity by removing stubborn and high torque fasteners up to 2X faster than the competition
- Most compact cordless High Torque Impact Wrench in its class at 8.39" in length
- Industry leading 4-mode drive control with bolt removal mode, allowing for ultimate control.
- REDLINK PLUS intelligence prevents damage to the tool and battery due to overloading or overheating.
- Most compact cordless high torque impact wrench in its Class at 8.39" In length
- Onekey technology provides the most repeatable impact wrench in the industry
- One-key compatible: customize, track and manage tool’s performance and location.
- Easily toggle up to four custom performance profiles that can be saved to the memory of the tool

Choosing between these two models depends on whether you need the One-Key technology or not. In general, Milwaukee 2863-20 is more recommended because it comes with the One-Key technology. You can connect it to your mobile device and make precise adjustments to its four modes. In addition, the One-Key technology will allow you to track the tool’s location and lock it remotely – useful to prevent theft.

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