Manbug vs Dragonfly

Are you looking for a small folding knife? Then, the Spyderco company is the best answer for you. This company provides a great technology of folding knives for a long time ago. The features will not be disappointing you so that most of the product from this company becomes everyone favorites in the market.

This time we will give some glances about the Manbug and Dragonfly series from the Spyderco brand. Both of them becomes the most two famous folding knife lately among the user. Let’s take a deeper look over them so that we can decide which one has the best feature on its.


The Manbug from Spyderco is a kind of folding knife that has a small size with lighter weight. It designs uniquely with the special prototype and model that incredibly compact and lightweight. You can simply bring it anywhere without needs more space. It is so easy to conceal and safe in your pocket. Read also: Manbug vs Ladybug.

Manbug offers the 1-7/8 inches of the blade that shorter than any other knife in the market. it is so handy and useful to use in most of your cutting needs. It is made from the VH-10 steel that works properly on your needs. The EDC task will help you to finish the cutting process without any difficulties.

The blade from the Manbug offers great durability and superior edge retention from the VH-10 material. As you start to sharpening something, it will automatically work to your object properly. The edge point comes most sharply so that it will help you to optimize your sharpen thing.

The handle grip on the Manbug comes in a fiber material with clipless features. it has a lanyard hole that makes it slimmer than any other folding knife types. It is small enough to fit in a keychain. That makes it perfect to save on your pocket that you can bring it anywhere.

Product Dimensions4.46 x 1.25 x 0.25 inches
1 x 4 x 1.75 inches
Shipping Weight0.635 ounces
1.9 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The lighter and durable handles are made from a Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN) material. It is a kind of polymer that is mixed with glass fiber. It is an injections type that is molded in a handle grip form with sleek texture. These make the handle more strength to use.

Manbug is available on the blade steels and handles colors. It comes in some variations color such as black, blue, green, and yellow. It comes with the trademark round hole style that suitable for you the most. The hole will easier you to open the blade with a fingernail-free opening system.

The dependable features on the Manbug come in super control and precision type. It will cut the right position you need with the exact pattern you made. The Plainedge system will help you to get a smoother cutting. The grind and flat bevel will integrate perfectly to reduce your drag ways.

The dimension of the Manbug comes in the small and lighter way at about 4.46 x 1.25 x 0.25 inches and 0.635 ounces of weight. This is a signature edition made in Japan and there is no warranty from the manufacture. The price comes at a great rate starts from US$53 on Amazon.


Dragonfly is a kind of stainless steel folding knife that produce by the Spyderco company. it comes with reliable and high performance of cutting or perfectly sharpen things. It is so pocket friendly so that you can bring it anywhere you need. It also comes in a sturdier material that differents from other folding knives.

The design from the Dragonfly comes in an ergonomic design that suitable the most for your grip. It is built with a carry-friendly folder that fits perfectly in your pocket. It comes with left and right-hand use that is patented by the Bi-Directional Texturing handle. It comes with the FRN handles technology to support the best performance from the knife.

The ergonomic design on the Dragonfly has a perfect spine position, choil jimping, and some screws. All of them make the handle and the blade is sturdier to use than any other folding knives in the market. These tools make the handle construction tied up together with the blade.

The Dragonfly offers high performances whether on cutting or sharpen things. With the mid-size blades, it comes so easier to use without any difficulties. The edge of the blade commonly comes in the sharpest way to make a great cutting edge. This makes the knife improve your efficient works all the time you need.

The superior quality from the Dragonfly is supported by the VG-10 blades technology. This feature makes the blade has a flat grind and PlainEdge technology to fasten the cutting and sharpen process. These features will configure your object seamlessly so that you don’t need to worry about the cutting result.

The dimension of the Dragonfly comes in a super lightweight with only about 4.00 x 2.00 x1.00 inches and 1. 06 ounces of weight. It comes with a back lock system and tip-up carry type. The price also comes in a great way starts from US$66 on Amazon.

Manbug vs Dragonfly

- POCKET-FRIENDLY - One of Spyderco's smallest lightweight locking knives is the Manbug. Small enough to fit on a keychain, yet capable of taking on serious cutting chores.
- CHOOSE THE BEST FOR YOU - Available with a choice of blade steels and handle colors all of which proudly feature our Trademark Round Hole for convenient, fingernail-free opening.
- LIGHT AND DURABLE - This Manbug handle is fabricated with Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. FRN is a polymer mixed with glass fiber that is injection molded and formed into a sleek textured handle, creating a lightweight yet high-strength knife handle.
- LOW FRICTION - This knife features a blade ground with flat bevels that extend from the spine all the way to the cutting edge. This grind reduces drag during cutting and decreases overall weight.
- HIGH PERFORMANCE - The Dragonfly's success is largely due to its mid-size blade and ergonomic handle that features a front-finger choil and spine cusp.
- ERGONOMIC - Designed as a carry- friendly folder, it comes with a left/right-hand tip-up wire clip, patented Bi-Directional Texturing on the handle, spine and choil jimping and screw-together handle construction
- SUPERIOR QUALITY - The H-1 Hawkbill blade has a high-performance flat-grind and is available with a PlainEdge configuration.
- POCKET-FRIENDLY - The Dragonfly 2 Lightweight focuses around features which make it ergonomically comfortable including positioning the Spyderco Round Hole in precise relation to the blade's pivot for the smoothest blade opening

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump into the conclusion that the Manbug is a better choice to pick than the Dragonfly from Spyderco. As come from the size and dimension, it comes smaller and fits perfectly in your pocket. On the other side, the Dragonfly has a bigger blade that difficult to save in your pocket.

As come from the technology, because the Manbug is smaller so that it is easier to use on the sharpen or cutting things. You will don’t bother with the high performances on this blade than the Dragonfly. The bevel on the blade can be extended from the spin into the edge of the blades.

As comes from the price, the Manbug from Spyderco has a lower rate than the Dragonfly. With the features that almost the same in every aspect, make the Manbug becomes everyone’s favorite to bring anywhere. It is perfect to use in some outdoor activities such as for camp, fishing, and many more.

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