Kershaw Dividend vs Link

Knives are one of the oldest tools created by humans to ease their everyday life and this is still being used today for various applications. A pocket knife is a necessary tool for many people who like outdoor activities. Small EDC like Kershaw Dividend Vs Link will be a great choice for their reliability yet also affordable and convenient. If you are also eyeing these pocket knives, go see what they can offer and which of them will fit in your hand better here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in a Pocket Knife
  • What are Kershaw Dividend and Link
  • What Kershaw Dividend and Link Look Like
  • How are the Blade in Kershaw Dividend and Link
  • How are the Performance of Kershaw Dividend and Link
  • How are the Folding System of Kershaw Dividend and Link
  • Kershaw Dividend Vs Link

Pocket Knife

Being active outdoors means we will be faced with lots of events and sometimes these events require different tools to deal with. Many of us will have some basic tool in the car or backpack such as multi tools but depending on what typical tasks you will be doing everyday, our choice will highly depend on it. Pocket knife itself is one of the most common tools that you can carry to do various light jobs including cutting tags, threads, opening envelopes or cutting tape.

Some people may think that the reason why we carry pocket knives is as a self-defense or even offense and while it can be true for we never know what their true intention is, in most cases we use them just to carry out small tasks. If you are spending time outside the house, love adventuring or do lots of outdoor activities, this small tool can be very helpful. What you may want to keep in mind is the tool can be illegal to be carried in some places.

Pocket Knife and the Blade

Not only when looking for a knife used in the kitchen, you will need to look at what blade is used in a pocket knife. There are a number of different criteria to consider from the shape to the edge type. Most of them are straight but there are some with curves and some are also featured with hooks. Serrated knives will be great for tough items that will need more effort to cut but plain edge cuts neatly or a combo if you will need both.

You will also see the material being used here and it varies among manufacturers or models including the finish; some are silver just like most knives but some also prefer black finish. Among those, you may want to pay attention more to the material quality for it decides the durability, lifespan or how they hold the edge.

Pocket Knife and its Handle

A knife will be used with the handle and this hilt will play an important role in deciding how comfortable the knife will be. A pocket knife will most likely have a folding system instead of using sheath for it to increase the compact level. The handle will also decide what type of locking they have; some need two hands to lock or unlock while many are great with both especially useful if you are native in using both hands or ambidextrous.

Beside the shape and system, the handle will also be made from different materials and it is highly subjective on which feels better in your grip. In most cases you will find them made from metals, carbon/fiberglass/nylon composite but many are made with wood as well; some expensive or unique knives may have bone or even stone/gems/minerals handle.

About Kershaw Dividend and Link

For those who are considering getting a pocket knife, those factors are worth noticing so then we can get the best product that matches the usage and budget. If there is a law in your place that prohibits their citizen carrying a knife, make sure to check the specification as well such as length for in many places they do specify what is allowed and not allowed to carry. After sure we can get a pocket knife, now is the time to see what the market can offer.

There are tons of outdoor gear manufacturers which carry pocket knives in their collection or companies that specifically create this useful tool such as Spyderco with their popular models Spyderco Tenacious Vs Delica. Aside from Spyderco, Kershaw is another amazing option if you are looking for high-quality knives that will not drain the wallet because this brand also has a good reputation when it comes to reliability but also carries quite the option in the catalogue to match its customer’s preferences.

Among those good knives from their collection, if your state requires EDC to be up to 5.5-inches long, Kershaw Dividend and Link are two ideal options to go with because they are fitting this category and very compact to fit in your pocket but still very useful for common tasks. Both of them are very similar hence it can be quite confusing to choose which model you should go with, but in our opinion any model will go well and rather than functionality it is more of a preference.

Kershaw is a very popular option for affordable knives compared to similar brands in the market but you don’t have to worry about their quality because they are made to last and are reliable. These Kershaw Dividend and Link are going to be a great EDC as it can cut very effectively but also convenient to be your daily companion. They are small enough to fit in many state’s laws but on the other hand there is nothing extraordinary as well in neither of them.

Kershaw Dividend and Link Design

Side by side these knives are very similar, in fact too identical from each other that in a glance when you just pass by them, chances are you will also think that they are the same models but as we focus on the handle and blade, they are quite different. First the handle is slightly thicker in Link including the blade which is also wider compared to the slimmer Dividend. The blade shape is also a little bit different as Link has a curve blade instead of straight.

Notice that we are talking about the cheapest version from both collections because when you dig in deeper there are few and even several from the Dividend line. The Link has two versions, the other is silver and slimmer in comparison but heavier as well while the former has seven versions with different price range; the most expensive 1776GRYBW ST is about $10 more than this basic model with combination of plain and serrated edge.

Kershaw Dividend and Link Blade

As it has been mentioned above, the first thing you may want to know about a knife is the blade itself for it decides how good they will be in practice. In this part both Kershaw Dividend and Link are made with the same 420HC steel which is very popular among various types of knives for its hardness and cost efficiency. The fact that they are made with high carbon makes the steel itself very durable yet still soft compared to many other steels, making it fall in the mid-range category.

The blade length itself is pretty much similar to each other with Link just slightly longer than Dividend since it has a curved edge at 3.25-inch while the former is strictly at 3-inch so you will get more of a cutting edge with Link.

Kershaw Dividend and Link Performance 

Moving to the performance part, these knives are very good, they are not impressive but certainly a good choice for the price range. The blade itself is fine since they are cheaper in comparison to many others but they are sharp and you can do most simple jobs with any of them just fine. The difference is on the blade shape because Link is curved so the motion needed to cut an object such as paper or tape will be slightly different.

It is just a matter of taste however, since Kershaw Dividend and Link can do the job just the same as they have the same level of sharpness and the same steel. What’s not very good is this type of steel will not be able to retain the edge for a very long yet, they are also easy to sharpen in case you will have them for so long they turn dull at some point.

Kershaw Dividend and Link Folding System

The last point we want to talk about is their folding system and yes, these two are using assisted systems or Kershaw SpeedSafe locking systems. We personally don’t have any preference regarding assisted versus non assisted but convenience wise assisted systems are quick and easy. The small flipper placed on top will quickly release the blade and once it opens, you can use the flipper as a thumb guard as well. It may accidentally open when applied pressure when they are inside our pocket but rarely have experienced so.

Kershaw Dividend vs Link

Both of Kershaw Dividend and Link are a great choice for the budget because they are reliable and will do lots of work by being convenient or versatile while their difference is mostly put on the blade shape as Link is curved so this model has more cutting edge in comparison and the way it is not straight will make cutting effort different as it is better for repetitive motion but with a something like cutting board below the object.

- High-performance, 3” 420HC steel blade with a non-reflective stonewash finish is strong, edge retentive and resistant to corrosion and wear
- Basic black, gently curved glass-filled nylon handle is lightweight and sturdy; features SpeedSafe assisted opening, liner lock and 4-position pocketclip
- Inspired by Kershaw’s popular Link, in a slimmer, sleeker design, at an affordable price
- Folding pocketknife, just the right size for easy carry in pockets, purses, backpacks, bags, jackets, belts or on a lanyard with pre-drilled attachment hole
- Sharp and reliable 420HC stainless steel blade with stonewashed finish pairs nicely with black matte glass-filled nylon, textured handle
- SpeedSafe Assisted Opening provides a quick and secure open with a pull of the flipper moving the blade easily out of handle
- Convenient, reversible pocketclip allows left or right handed users to change the side of carry
- General all-purpose use for daily home needs, utility, hunting, fishing, farming, camping, hiking, ranching or collecting


All in all it is a matter of preference since these knives are identical and it is always better to pick which sit better in your pocket. We personally like Link better as the blade is wider which gives a more robust impression but, it can be slightly heavier too.

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