Kershaw Cryo Vs Cryo 2

There are many EDC knives out there and these two products are really the best in their field. It would be a travesty not to get one of these two knives namely Kershaw Cryo vs Cryo 2. If you are looking for an everyday knife you can use outside or even at home to do a variety of tasks, the Cryo Knife is perfect as it is very handy and easy to carry. But, you might only have to consider one of the products. Before you decide to choose one, you would better read this following article to make you sure about decision you will make.

Kershaw Cryo
With a closed length of 3.75 inches and weighs only 4.2 ounces, Cryo is perfect as an EDC blade. In length, Cryo is a little heavier than you think. But make no mistake, this does not hinder its effectiveness. It is well balanced and as a result heavy only makes for better cutting action. Perfect for people who like to have a little weight for their knives. However, the compromise is that he feels heavier in his pocket. Not by many, though. Made of 8Cr13MoV steel and coated with titanium carbo-nitride, the blades look great.

Finishing specifically gives a 2.75 inch blade a bit of elegance. When sharpened, the blades of the straight edge are really sharp and hold the tip for a good amount of time. The tip of the blade is also very smooth so great for detail. During Cryo, Kershaw has been using stainless steel handles. This contributes additional weight. Equipped with Kershaw’s signature Speedsafe deployment system, it is very simple and quick to unlock. Performed by pushing the thumb-stud or pulling on the so-called “fins”. The steel handle is finished with the same titanium carbo-nitride you see on the blade. This makes for a sophisticated display that features between the Cryo models.

Kershaw Cryo 2
The Cryo II gets BlackWash done. BlackWash gives the already-broken-in blades look – like a good pair of your favorite jeans used. But that’s not all. It also provides an additional measure of protection for metal and helps hide any extra scratches that you can place on the blades during normal use. Cryo II is the result of Rick Hinderer’s collaboration and design and production engineers at Kershaw. The original Cryo was chosen as the “Best Buy” show knife and was chosen as the man of the Gear approved journal. Like all Cryos, this BlackWashed version is equipped with SpeedSafe assisted opening to open a smooth and easy hand.

Access it with built-in fin or thumbstud. The steel blades are heated to Kershaw’s exacting standards. The handle is stainless steel with sturdy key frame for secure knife lock which is open during use. Hinderer’s lockbar stabilizer ensures the over lock does not expand. For maximum carrying flexibility and discretion, BlackWash Cryo II includes a four-position deep-carry pocketclip. Kershaw Cryo is a knife assisted opening designed in collaboration with Rick Hinderer. It is the key of folding knife frame with Hinderer lockbar stabilizer and all stainless steel construction. The blades are made of stainless steel and the handle is 410 steel. Both titanium-carbo-nitride coated.

Name Kershaw Cryo Kershaw Cryo 2
Key Features- SpeedSafe assisted opening; Frame lock, lockbar stabilizer - Flipper and thumbstud; Quad-carry (tip-up/tip-down - Steel: 8Cr13MoV, titanium carbo-nitride coating; Handle: 410, titanium carbo-nitride coating- Made of highest quality material - Manufacturer: Kershaw Knives - Kershaw cryo II tanto BlackWash Flipper knife

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The Original Cryo looks very nice and offers an extra grip for us. It is created to not only satisfy the need for a high-quality knife that is safe to use and the needs of demand for an affordable price. The Kershaw Cryo II, on the other hand, is an update to the popular Cryo knife existed. It comes with a blackwash finish that gives a well-made design. The blade is longer than the Cryo so you can actually do more stuff with this one and has a wider reach too. It’s much more durable and made for heavy duty use as well.
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