Kershaw Chive vs Scallion

Kershaw Chive and Kershaw Scallion are two folding knives which come with the SpeedSafe assisted opening technology. They are also made of the same materials. So, between Kershaw Chive vs Scallion, which knife should you choose? Continue reading below for the comparisons between these two great folders based on the size, design, and features.

Size and Weight
Perhaps the first and the biggest factor to consider when choosing between Kershaw Chive vs Scallion is size. The Chive is smaller and lighter. However, for some people, it is way too small. The total length is 4.8 inches, with a blade length of just 1.9 inches. When closed, it measures 2.9 inches long. This folding knife is very lightweight at 1.7 oz.

The pocket clip of the Chive is almost as long as the handle itself. The small size may limit its functionality. However, it may be a good choice if you are indeed looking for a small knife that is easy to conceal.

On the other hand, the Scallion is slightly bigger. It has a total length of 5.75 inches and a blade length of 2.25 inches. When closed, it is still very compact and portable with a length of 3.5 inches. It weighs only about 2.3 oz, so you can pocket it comfortably. The Scallion is small, but it still has enough cutting edge to be useful in various tasks.

Design and Features
In terms of design, Chive and Scallion are very similar. If not because of their different sizes, you won’t be able to tell the two apart. Both have ergonomic handles with subtle curves. However, the Scallion’s handle does fit better in the hand.

Both Chive and Scallion are available in several variants. You can get either knife with an FRN handle or a stainless steel handle. In general, the FRN handle is more recommended because of the better handling quality. However, you may choose the stainless steel handle if you prefer the look and toughness.

Both knives are equipped with the SpeedSafe assisted opening technology. It is fast and swift. However, the Chive uses a frame lock, whereas the Scallion uses a liner lock in combination with the Tip-Lock slider. Both knives have strong locks, but the Scallion is supposed to be stronger.

They also have a similar blade design. They come with a distinctive blade shape with a slightly curved cutting edge and thick spine. The blade is made of the 420HC stainless steel and is enhanced with a matte bead-blasted finish. They look stylish, and they are suitable for various daily activities.

While their blades are both tough and durable, the Scallion has proven to be more versatile. The longer blade is useful for various tasks, from slicing apples to breaking twines to opening cardboard boxes.

Name Kershaw ChiveKershaw Scallion
Key Features- Bead-blasted 1.9” high-performance blade made of 420HC steel offers good edge retention and excellent corrosion resistance - Matching stainless steel handle is resistant to corrosion and also finished with a non-reflective matte bead-blasted finish - Capable of everyday cutting tasks at home or at work such as cutting zip-ties, stripping small wire, slicing fruit and removing staples- 2.4” high-carbon 420HC stainless steel blade offers good edge retention and a bead-blasted finish for a smooth, matte appearance - Classic black, glass-filled nylon handle includes SpeedSafe assisted opening system, and a secure dual blade locking system - Made in America by skilled knifemakers in Tualatin, Oregon and covered by Kershaw’s limited lifetime warranty

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Between these two knives, Kershaw Scallion is more recommended. It has an ideal size that is suitable for various tasks. The slightly bigger size makes it more versatile. However, the Chive can be your choice if you prefer a small, easily concealable knife.

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