Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Vs Ka-Bar USMC

Fighting Knife is designed as a aims the weapon specifically, for personal use or fight one on one. This is what distinguishes a special purpose knife game with a knife blade, a tool or knife, tactical combat. Since World War I, the blade action in military purposes is slowly developing with the dual function or knife “tool to fight”, suitable to be used for fighting or as sharp equipment. In spite of it all, if you want to have one of them, on the market has a lot of selling a fighting knife is for example only Ka-Bar Becker BK7 vs Ka-Bar USMC. Please choose which corresponds to your desires.

Ka-Bar Becker BK7
Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Blade fixed blade has a durable sturdy and durable design. The blades are corrosion resistant, and can be used in difficult conditions. The hotel has a perfectly balanced and modern design that cuts through sharp and precise. It comes in a leather sheath made of genuine leather. Knives are not kept in hip pockets because they are a bit long. The handles are made with nylon-filled glass fibers that make it easy and comfortable to hold them. Ka-Bar Becker BK7 fighter Utility fixed Blade knife is a remarkable combat knife. It has a 7 inch long stainless steel blade consisting of 1095 Cro-Van steels. (See also: Becker BK7 Vs BK9)

It was made for rough and hard to use. This is a sleekly designed blade but it does not preclude its use. Very lightweight and comfortable blades that weigh only 0.75 pounds. The handle has a circle at the end for binding. Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Blade fixed blade manufactured, and carefully designed for comfort and precision. Can be used for several purposes such as combat, camping, safety, hunting, cooking, etc. without worrying about quality. With a corrosion-resistant blade, the blades can even be used in the roughest conditions. This type of blade has great precision and is difficult at the same time. It does not give or break when used even in harsh conditions.

The Ka-Bar USMC is a blade survival that does not boast many unique features but still, it excels in reliability. Nevertheless, simple functions are added to the original blade design as well. This knife provides a good grip for its users. Although it has no contour fingers, the handle makes a versatile knife. Users can hold this knife in any position at any time easily. It also assures the user that this blade is made for heavy-duty work. It also provides the user with a good feel for the knife. It’s light and long enough to cut wood and survive batonning. By the way, a pound weighing knife. It is capable of slicing paper with no effort.

Can even quickly cut plastic bottles in half. Point of knife that can penetrate hard plastic. It can help the user to push the game of animals, fighting and hunting wisely. Blood will flow through it, and this makes it possible to kill less mess. And it is provided with a knife when buying. It does not have a complicated key or anything. The skin is well scattered, and has a cool looking globe, eagle, and anchor (the Marine Corps logo) embossed on it. In addition, it has a sturdy belt loop, and the key lock at the end of the sheath secures the blade tightly. In addition, this allows the liquid to pass through when the blade is wet. It effectively dries the sheath and blades faster. Therefore, mold formation in the sheath is highly unlikely.

Name Crkt M16Crkt M21
Key Features- Made of highest quality material - Manufacturer: CRKT - CRKT M16 spear point plain edge knife black w/frame lock - Handles are shaped and contoured as with all M16 styles - Handle is made of classic black oxide finish- Made of the highest quality materials - Blade Length: 3.99 inches - Blade Material: 8Cr14MoV - Style: Deep-Bellied Spear Point - Open Overall Length: 9.25 inches

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The Ka-Bar USMC is a perfectly suitable knife esepcially for basic work. If you want to have a knife for heavy chopping, you may go with something bigger but the Ka-Bar USMC is a great knife for only among $50 which is very affordable. On the other hand, the BK7 probably has a better sheath, though, the short heavies is well executed, just more old fashioned design. It is according to your taste as well as your needs too whether you are choosing Becker BK7 vs Ka-Bar USMC.

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