Junglas 2 Vs ESEE 6

Survival knives are versatile for small to medium tasks and they are necessary every time you decide to adventure out there. The options however can be different depending on what you prefer better such as the Junglas 2 Vs ESEE 6 that are not only pretty affordable but are reliable for various different jobs you will meet. If you are also considering these options, do check what they can offer and which of them will fit you better before deciding to pick one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Shop for Survival Knives
  • What are Junglas 2 and ESEE 6
  • What Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 Look Like
  • How are the Blade of Junglas 2 and ESEE 6
  • How are the Handle of Junglas 2 and ESEE 6
  • How are the Performance of Junglas 2 and ESEE 6
  • Junglas 2 Vs ESEE 6

Survival Knives

Being an active person means you will have to face different events out there and sometimes it is a task that requires you to use some tools. While in a professional job we are demanded to always be prepared for what’s to come, the best tool when you are in the wild is what you have now as we can’t be picky. Chances are you already have an idea in mind about what to bring when camping or hiking and what to bring when going to your workplace.

 Junglas 2ESEE 6
Product Dimensions20.5 x 5 x 3 inches15.08 x 4.49 x 2.17 inches
Shipping Weight2.25 pounds1.32 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Sometimes a multi tool that has a small blade and a plier are what you will need to handle small jobs around while on the other hand a full size tool is what you have to bring to do a full repairing task. Not all of us will have the same type of activities so it is just normal to have different tools to bring yet, if you are here then it means you also love outdoor activities like camping.

What most people may think about a blade is the bigger it is the better and while in some cases they can be true, it is not always the case because with size we will also scarify the ability to effectively use it, moreover carrying it in your journey. In addition, it is far more difficult to work on details when the blade is too big. But, a small blade will also not be reliable and effective to sustain more stress such as batoning through a stubborn piece of wood.

While you can always rely on a folding EDC knife for small tasks such as opening packages or even cutting small branches and so on, they are not made to be your reliable partner for the heavy task and this is why looking for a full tang or fixed blade option is always better. A fixed blade won’t have a joint that can be their weakness so the fix type will be a more ideal choice if you will be using them for chopping, thrusting, prying, and doing rigorous cutting.

Another factor we need to find in the survival knife is the sharp, pointed tip and while this sounds like a no-brainer, there are some models out there with angled, rounded, or hooked tips. It might come to preference but the argument is a pointy knife will have certain functions to it such as when you unfortunately meet a person with ill intention or meet a beast in the wild and need to protect yourselves. In addition, you can attach it to a stick or pole and use it to make a spear.

About Junglas 2 and ESEE 6

These are few important factors that you need to consider when looking for a survival knife and while in general what feels and fits best on your hand will be the best knife, we also want to make sure the tool is ideal for the type of application you will be using them on. In general all survival knives will be about the same to each other but they also carry some fine details that may affect your buying decision and when you are unsure, what fits more people may match you best.

Talking about survival knives, the options are abundant out there from the cheap, unreliable and suspicious looking blades to those that are crafted for the job and when it comes to the manufacturer that create reliable knives, ESEE is one you may want to shop from. This company is pretty well-known in the market or among outdoor enthusiasts for good reason and it is because they design reliable knives for your adventure. We can have different preferences but chances are, they will still carry the options.

For those who want a solid survival knife, Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 will be two amazing options you may want to consider. These are pretty famous knives among survival enthusiasts and as you can expect, they are performing really well while still being rigid for a long time. These are two different lines however, so there are some parts that differentiate them and most likely it is about design which in our opinion often falls down to what feels better for you as our taste varies.

In our opinion what set them apart is mostly on the length of the blade and styling because in general these knives are pretty much the same in terms of quality as they are made from the same material and almost similar as well in form with the Junglas 2 a bit shorter but the idea of this variant is probably because it is a step down of the older brother which is too large to be a convenient survival knife.

Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, the two Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 are about the same to each other and what will separate them will be prominently about the length of the blade itself as the former is quite large in comparison. They have a similar sense of fashion but not going to be the prettiest blades in your collection. The material and shape are the same which is a drop-point style while Junglas 2 also has a softly angled side on the opposite edge.

Holding these blades on both hands you will notice how Junglas 2 is about 8 ounces heavier than your smaller ESEE 6. In addition, just like most survival fixed knives, the two will come with their own sheath and this can be slightly different because the former is contained inside a Kydex while the latter is molded plastic and this one is not as good or probably preferred by many but our personal reason is because it rattle quite a lot.

Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 Blade

As for any blade what do you want to know about first is probably their material itself as it is related to the reliability as well as how you will take care of the blade while having them. In this part both Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 are the same because they are equally made from 1095 steel carbon just like many other survival knives out there such as the affordable BK2 that you can check on our ESEE 6 Vs BK2 here.

As the name suggests, this steel is made with 0.95% carbon which is meant to harden the material and overall making them long lasting while still being tough enough for daily survivor jobs but, they are also not the best for longevity if not treated properly due to the low level of manganese which is often used to further harden the steel. Usually you can sharpen this blade easily but you will also need to oil it to prevent rust.

Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 Handle

The next part we want to mention is their handle and here both Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 are also the same because the two are using Micarta, the common material we often see made into survival knives handle and personally we have no issue with this because they are known for lasting ability and rigidness that probably can even surpass the steel itself as it doesn’t need much care. However, the handle is a bit textured so it can be a bit uncomfortable for some.

If this texture bothers you, we can just wear gloves or wrap something around the handle to improve the comfort but we do think it is not an issue and just related to personal taste and the grip is quite wide or feels great even when doing heavier tasks such as rigorous chopping.

Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 Performance 

The last part we want to talk about is their performance but in terms of reliability, Junglas 2 and ESEE 6 are just amazing. They are capable of doing various tasks without any issues such as splitting woods by batoning them through it, chopping a long branch to be used for kindling, making spears for hunting, etc. are all possible with any of them. The difference is probably in the length and weight because Junglas 2 is 7.7 inches long compared to 5.7 inches long of ESEE 6 which makes the former able to cut larger logs and have more force due to the weight.

Junglas 2 Vs ESEE 6

These survival knives are equally amazing when you talk about their reliability but the main difference between the two is only about the length of the blade itself which makes the Junglas 2 can have more force especially for rigorous chopping or splitting a log with larger diameter. It also has a better sheath that we do think will satisfy most users by making it from Kydex.

- Kydex Sheath w/ Cordura Backing.
- Steel: 1095 Carbon, 55-57 Rc. Finish: Black Powder Coat.
- Hammer Pommel w/ Lanyard Hole. Flat Grind.
- For Full Specifications, Features, Survival Kit Contents, Care, and Info Please See Description Below.
- Designed as wilderness survival and tactical knives
- Superb cutting efficiency
- Multiple carry options
- Drop Point Blade, Full Flat Grind


Overall you should go for which of them that sounds will fit you the most as the two are equally good but, between the two personally we like the size and weight of ESEE 6 yet, if you prefer a heavier blade then Junglas 2 is the more ideal choice.

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