Griptilian 550 Vs 551

Benchmade’s Griptilian 550 and Griptilian 551 are two compact folding knives very suitable for EDC purposes. They both meet the size, practicality, and usability requirements. They are easy and quick to deploy, and they can handle a wide variety of tasks. But Griptilian 550 comes with a sheepsfoot blade design, whereas Griptilian 551 has a drop-point blade. So, which model should you choose? Read through the discussion below to understand the differences between Griptilian 550 vs 551 and determine the best for you.

Blade Design
Of course, the most prominent and perhaps also the most significant difference between Griptilian 550 and Griptilian 551 is the blade design. Griptilian 550 has a sheepsfoot blade, whereas Griptilian 551 has a drop-point blade.

The sheepsfoot design of Griptilian 550 is less intimidating. If you don’t want to appear intimidating with your knife, this is the suitable model. The front end is still sharp, but it does not narrow into a sharp penetrating end. You will use the cutting edge more. It is suitable for cutting and slicing, but not suitable for stabbing or piercing.

On the other hand, Griptilian 551’s drop-point blade is perhaps more familiar to most of the people. The pointy edge makes this knife appear intimidating, so it is suitable for combat. Generally speaking, this blade design is more versatile for various purposes. It is suitable for cutting, slicing, batoning, and combat.

Griptilian 550 actually has a slightly thinner blade than Griptilian 551, but Griptilian 550 has a slightly higher hardness rating of 58 – 61 HRC. Griptilian 551’s hardness rating is 58 – 60 HRC. So, we can say that Griptilian 550 is a little bit sturdier and more durable to withstand heavy impacts.

Nevertheless, both knives are made of the same material, which is the 154CM stainless steel. This is a high-end stainless steel type, known for the impressive edge retention and easy sharpening. However, this stainless steel type does not withstand moisture very well, so make sure that you always have it properly cleaned and oiled if you live in a humid area.

Opening Mechanism
Finally, these Griptilian 550 vs 551 come with different opening mechanisms. Griptilian 550 has ambidextrous thumb holes, and it is much more convenient and practical to operate. You can easily pull out the blade just by flicking on the hole.

On the other hand, Griptilian 551 comes with ambidextrous thumb studs. Although the thumb studs are also easy to reach, these thumb studs are a little bit too small. They are not very intuitive to use. But some people are totally fine with the small thumb studs and able to get used to them.

Name Griptilian 550Griptilian 551
Key Features- BLADE STYLE: 3.45" (8.76cm) Sheepsfoot style blade, weighing only 2.68oz (75.98g) - AMERICAN MADE STEEL: 154CM (58-61HRC) stainless steel with well-rounded characteristics, including good edge retention, overall toughness, and corrosion resistance- BLADE STYLE: 3.45" (8.76cm) Drop-point style blade, weighing only 3.88oz (110.00g) - AMERICAN MADE STEEL: CPM-20CV (59-61HRC) stainless steel with well-rounded characteristics, including good edge retention, overall toughness, and corrosion resistance

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If you prefer a less intimidating knife for casual EDC tasks, you should choose Griptilian 550. The blade end is not particularly pointy. The cutting edge is very nice, suitable for cutting and slicing. The thumb holes are convenient, quick, and intuitive to use. However, you can choose Griptilian 551 if you prefer a drop-point knife, which is more versatile. It is good for cutting, slicing, batoning, and combat.

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