Gerber Prodigy Vs LMF II

Both Gerber Prodigy and Gerber LMF II are popular choices for a survival knife. They are solid, durable, and very reliable. They are made of high-quality materials that ensure superior performance. So, what is the difference between Gerber Prodigy vs LMF II? Below, we will see the comparisons between these two models from Gerber based on several factors such as the size, weight, and features to help you decide.

Size and Weight
Perhaps one of the biggest differences between Gerber Prodigy and Gerber LMF II is the dimensions. The difference is quite significant, as many people’s preferences are affected by these knives’ dimensions. If you prefer something that is lightweight and portable, Gerber Prodigy would be a more suitable solution. It has a total length of 9.75 inches, and the weight is only about 7.21 oz if without equipping the sheath. Although this survival knife is relatively larger compared to some other models in the market, you can still carry it around easily. Take a look at our previous post about Gerber StrongArm vs Prodigy here!

On the other hand, Gerber LMF II is quite bigger and heavier. The total length is 10.59 inches, and the weight is about 11.67 oz without the sheath. As you can see, this model is larger and significantly heavier. Because of the increased dimensions, this model is not very portable. But if you don’t mind carrying a large, heavy tool for enhanced power and versatility, this is a fine choice.

Blade Quality
Both Gerber Prodigy and Gerber LMF II are made of the same materials. They both feature 420HC stainless steel blades. Their blades have very good edge retention, which means that they can be made very sharp and they will maintain their sharpness for long. The 420HC stainless steel material is also highly durable.

Gerber Prodigy has a total blade length of about 4.75 inches, which is slightly shorter than Gerber LMF II’s 4.84 inches. While the Prodigy is already quite versatile and suitable for various purposes, the LMF II’s additional length may make it perform better for heavy-duty cutting, slicing, and combat.

There are some differences between Gerber Prodigy vs Gerber LMF II regarding their features. Gerber Prodigy is a full-tang knife, which means that the whole knife is made of one solid piece. It is highly durable. But note that the striking pommel is connected to the main construction. Such design means better overall durability, but such design may transmit an electrical shock when cutting through a power line.

On the other hand, Gerber LMF II is basically also a full-tang knife, which speaks for its superior durability, but the striking pommel is a different piece from the main construction. The separation is meant to prevent the transmission of electrical shocks. In addition, Gerber LMF II has a pair of lashing holes, which enables you to transform the knife into a spear.

Name Gerber ProdigyGerber LMF II
Key Features- 420HC stainless steel blade with black oxide finish - Includes leg strap and two additional attachment straps for added security - Textured over-molded soft-grip ensures a secure grip- Originally designed to free an aircrew from a downed aircraft - Purposeful break between the tang and the butt cap, providing insulated protection against stray wires and absorbing any shock from hammering

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Gerber LMF II indeed makes a very nice value for the money. The larger size makes it suitable for heavier tasks, and it has a pair of lashing holes which may come up handy when needed. The separation of the striking pommel prevents the transmission of electrical shocks. However, if you prefer a portable knife that you can easily carry around, Gerber Prodigy is the more suitable solution.

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