Gerber Epic Knife Review: Lightweight All-Purpose Utility Knife

With a weight of barely 5.12 oz, Gerber Epic Knife is a very lightweight and portable knife. The design makes it ideal for camping and hiking as well as general EDC purposes. The unique, unconventional design is obviously well thought out, as the knife is very reliable and comfortable to use. Continue reading the full Gerber Epic Knife review below and see whether this is the knife that you’ve been looking for!

Blade Quality
Well, a knife is essentially only as good as how far its blade can go. So, let’s first take a look at the blade of Gerber Epic Knife. This blade is made from the 7Cr17MoV steel, which is a tough all-round type of steel. The blade is easy to sharpen and has decent strength. In fact, you can easily sharpen the blade to shave the hairs off your arm.

The knife is full tang, which means that the blade and the handle are actually connected as one single piece. The full tang construction ensures the best toughness and durability. The blade length is 3.45 inches, and you can see that half of the cutting edge is serrated. The serrated part is excellent for cutting ropes and tree branches, as it can cut through such objects easily while still maintaining the sharpness. The fine part of the cutting edge is ideal for cutting and batoning.

Handle Design
The handle of Gerber Epic Knife is made of glass-filled nylon, and the surface is textured to enhance the handling. The handle is solid and lightweight. It is not as comfortable as some other options, for example the G10 handle scales, but it serves its purpose well. There is a choil on the edge side of the blade, which is useful for better leverage and grip. There are two lashing holes on the handle that you can use to attach the knife to a stick and create a spear.

On the rear end, there is a bottle opener. It is certainly useful if you are bringing some bottled drinks along, but you can also use it as an attachment for a karabiner, a small light, a whistle, or a firestarter.

The Sheath
The sheath actually has a nice design. It has a versatile belt clip, which is reversible for left or right hand carrying. It is also possible to carry the knife with the tip facing up or down, thanks to the secure locking mechanism. Unfortunately, the hard sheath’s bottom side tends to rub against the blade, which may compromise the durability of the sheath.


- Bottle opener integrated into handle - Reversible pocket clip for right or left carry - Knife locks into sheath for secure tip up or tip down carry - Open length 7.30-inch, closed length 7.40-inch

Gerber Epic Knife makes an excellent choice if you are looking for a lightweight and compact knife for camping, hiking, and general EDC purposes. The cutting edge has both fine and serrated parts, which are useful for different tasks. The blade is easy to sharpen and very durable. The handle is pretty good, and the integrated bottle opener can be handy in various ways.

Gerber Epic Knife Review: Specifications
Overall Length: 7.3″
Weight: 5.12 oz
Blade Length: 3.45″
Blade Material: 7Cr17MoV
Handle Material: Textured Glass-Filled Nylon
Reversible pocket clip, suitable for left or right carrying
Knife locks into sheath for secure tip-up or tip-down carry
Sheath: Molded Plastic
Bottle opener integrated into handle

Gerber Epic Knife Review: Pros and Cons
– Lightweight and low-profile design
– Sharp and durable blade suitable for various bushcraft tasks
– Comfortable grip
– Versatile carrying positions
– Handy bottle opener
– Poor sheath quality

Gerber Epic Knife Review: Price
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