Gerber EAB vs EAB Lite

Pocket knife is a useful tool to have because you can utilize it to execute small tasks conveniently. At times, they can save much time and effort when combined with a reliable multitool. For those who can carry pocket knives, Gerber EAB Vs EAB Lite will be a very good choice especially those who want to keep everything simple. These small knives are very similar but also slightly different so go check which seems will fit your pocket the best below.

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  • Are You Currently Looking for EDC Knife
  • What are Gerber EAB and EAB Lite
  • What Gerber EAB and EAB Lite Look Like
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  • How are the Performance of Gerber EAB and EAB Lite
  • How are the Folding System of Gerber EAB and EAB Lite
  • Gerber EAB Vs EAB Lite

Everyday Carry Knife

Tools are created to help human and from the simple cutting stones our ancestors used back then to computers today, their goal stays the same which is to help people doing their job, more accurately and effectively. One tool we always carry everyday especially when going out is a pocket knife and it may seem odd for some people but this small sharp tool is very helpful at various tasks because you can take care of small jobs around with a good, EDC knife.

Different people may have different reasons as to why they choose to carry an EDC knife but for us they are meant to cut things. They can be tape, rope, paper, opening boxes, to cutting foods like fruits and cheese. They are convenient and at some unpredictable times can be a lifesaver for we never know what will happen. It is a small tool, sometimes we forget it exists but will feel uneasy if it is not around especially when you are already used to it.

The best pocket knife for everyone doesn’t have to be the same because not all of us have the same job or have the same type of activity to match with the knife function. We don’t have to carry a hunting knife to an office but we have to bring something adequate when looking for a game. It is always about the purpose or what you need the tool for. One thing very important is to make sure it is okay to open carry the knife in your place.

Looking for a good EDC may not be as instant because you want the best option, but there are few important points to consider first so we can shop faster. As with many knives, the blade matters the most and this can be decided by the material itself as not all metal will be as sharp for a long time or durable enough for heavier use. In addition the edge may vary too whether they have a plain edge, serrated, or even combination of both.

After the blade, handle matters and this is covering their ergonomic, comfort while being used, as well as the folding mechanism. Some may prefer a knife with a sheath but for EDC folding knives will be the most convenient and compact. Metal linier usually put to make the handle even more durable and safe while their engagement will play an important role in deciding how easily the knife folds or opens. Overall, fashion wise they will have different design or color choices both for the handle and blade. 

About Gerber EAB and EAB Lite

Now when you already have an image on how the knife looks or should be, it is the time to see what the market has to offer out there because you will have lots of them and while all will be sharp or look amazing at first, the real experience will show as we use them on a daily basis. Besides the law in our place that regulates which is safe and which is not allowed, you can decide a budget range first or brand name to shop from.

It makes shopping easier because we can eliminate a vast collection instantly. You can shop from any brand but staying with well-known or popular companies will be easier as they can provide quality. Among those many options, Gerber is one of the most reliable brands to go with because of their quality products and experience in the EDC market. They definitely are not the best but for the price point, many of their knives are actually very reliable without burdening the wallet.

They are one of the pioneers or probably the one who popularized modern knives culture and as an old brand, they do have many enthusiasts. They have a vast collection to choose from but for those who love compact knives and mostly doing office or desk jobs, Gerber EAB and EAB Lite will be very ideal models to consider. Their best point is on the size itself because rather than EDC they are almost looking like a small cutter or nail clipper.

These small knives are easy in your pocket, in many cases we don’t remember putting them at all and the same to have a few dollar bills folded inside. The EAB name itself is short of Exchange-A-Blade which is why it reminds you a lot of cutter for they have a similar mechanism. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about sharpening the blade anymore for we can just throw it and put a new one. Gerber EAB and EAB Lite somehow are designed very similarly to each other including the functionality.

Gerber EAB and EAB Lite Design

For many people appearance matters and one of our favorite things about these pocket knives is how they look. These two are very compact, at the same size as modern car keys; if not put in the pocket we mostly stuff it inside the wallet. Side by side while Gerber EAB and EAB Lite are pretty similar, they do not look like the same model with the Lite version has this slightly “round” feature instead of the sharp and edgy brother.

When you hear the word “lite” in most cases we think it means a smaller version of the original model but it is not true here for Lite is actually heavier than EAB. Build quality is decent, it is not great but will do the light job safe and securely. The overall size of these knives is less than 3 inches when folded and about 5 inches when extended. 

Gerber EAB and EAB Lite Blade

As it has been mentioned above, blade is the most important in a knife and with Gerber EAB and EAB Lite, the steel quality is just decent, it is not going to last long or if you have been using EDC like Spyderco Tenacious Vs Delica, these two is more like a thicker version of cutter blade and does shaped like one as well. They have this straight edge and narrow cutting length for a heavier job. In comparison however, the original EAB is using a slightly longer blade than its Lite version.

Gerber EAB and EAB Lite Performance 

Moving to the performance side, we don’t think you can cut a rope quickly with any of these knives because it will take much effort slicing the surface repeatedly. They come just as sharp as a cutter can be and rather than thick objects, we find their best application is to cut paper such as an envelope or tape. The pointy tip is also nice to pluck any stuck items but they are not ideal nor comfortable being used like a regular EDC.

Our favorite part however, is how convenient it is to keep the blade reliable since it gets dull fast. The blade replacement is cheap as well; just make sure to buy the correct one since these use a thicker 0.04 blade but will accept any standard utility blade with two retaining notches at the top. You may also replace the blade using a dime if there is no screwdriver around for best convenient. With regular use we see these blades will last for about 3-4 weeks.

We also like their comfort and thoughts poured into the product because if you see closely, there is a panel of metal below the blade to protect your finger from when holding the knife in a cutting movement. Comfort wise, we do prefer the feel of Lite than the original AEM since it is a bit contoured, making it sit nicer in your hand.

Gerber EAB and EAB Lite Folding System

The last thing we want to mention is their folding system and on this side they fold and open nicely. They have the same system that will produce a click when fully inserted into the housing. One thing you may want to be prepared for is they do come stiff so it will be difficult to open at first but as you oil it or use it several times, there is no issue about engaging it. We do wish they have a small thumb assistant to make everything faster.

Gerber EAB vs EAB Lite

Gerber EAB and EAB Lite are indeed very similar to each other and equally useful but in comparison the original EAB will be slightly longer and have more cutting edges than the Lite version which is oddly heavier. Performance wise they are the same and more ideal for light jobs such as cutting paper or tape but ergonomically the Lite version feels more comfortable to hold. They are easy to flip open but very stiff when still new.

- Accepts standard or contractor grade utility blade
- Liner lock safety
- Pocket clip doubles as money clip
- Overall length 4.1-Inch, closes length 2.4-Inch
- Contractor-grade replaceable utility blade
- Deep finger grooves for secure fit
- Handle also doubles as pocket or money clip
- Handle made from stainless steel


All in all you can go with any of these knives knowing they will do the job reliably but we personally like AEB Lite better because it sits nicer in our hand and the extra weight makes it nice to fiddle with.

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