Fallkniven S1 Vs Cold Steel SRK

If you’re looking for a knife that can perform in just about any situation, whether surviving in the wilderness or in the backyard, Fallkniven S1 Vs Cold Steel SRK might be the all-around knife for you. To make it complete enough for becoming some reasons for you to consider one of them as your right choice, we already provided you with this article of comparison between these knives. There will be a conclusion as well to make you easier about making decision furthermore.

Fallkniven S1
This is an expensive knife. It is not as annoying as expensive as some custom models, but it will be a significant hit to the wallet. Knives are designed to take serious punishment. It is made from VG-10 stainless steel laminated. The VG-10 steel composes the core and cuts the blade edge, which is sandwiched between two soft pieces of stainless steel on the sides. This allows the blade to have a very hard edge, while still being difficult. The blade has a thin convex edge.

There have been several reports of VG-10 steel being brittle in cold weather and chipping when affected. The blades are very controlled and you can have a bit of engraving with it. It is much heavier than Mora 1, but it’s surprisingly nimble in hand. Fallkniven S1 has full hidden pliers, which stand out in the back. This is useful when you want to hit back a knife. You can do it without breaking the handle. The knife is great for splitting wood because of the thickness of the knife. Here you can see through a 3-inch piece of wood with no problem. The knife is thick enough, that you will not find a piece of wood that it can not be divided.

Cold Steel SRK
Cold Steel SRK has an overall length of 10-3 / 4 inch, a 6 inch blade, and a blade weighs 8.2 ounces. SRK cold steel blades are a full-length construction of a pliers which means handles and steel solid knife piece of tip for buttocks and the strongest knife handle construction techniques. Although you can not see a steel blade on the SRK hoop, many users have verified that the blade is full of cold steel pliers. SRK Steel is made of Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel which is regarded as excellent steel for general knife, all purpose like SRK because of toughness steel and edge hold ability.

SRK cold steel has a good edge means no serrations-for the full length of the edges. AUS 8A has P722 hardness that makes it strong for the severity of survival and rescue while being resistant to chipping and fracturing. AUS 8A is pretty easy to sharpen, has a very nice retention edge and can be sharpened to very sharp edges. And AUS 8 is also known for its good corrosion resistance. To add to the corrosion resistance of these blades, Cold Steel coated these blades in what they call the same black Tuff-Ex as the Teflon. SRK has a clip point. The clip point has the sides of the “cut” knife blade to form a sharper tip and is more suited for piercing and tasks such as skinning or engraving that require more accurate knife point.

Name Fallkniven S1Cold Steel SRK
Key Features- Total length is 247mm;Blade length is 130mm;Weight of the knife only is 190g - The blade is long enough for lighter chopping and won´t break, it´s full 5 mm (0.2″) thick - The modified clippoint design works well for penetrating purposes- Rescue knife with AUS 8A stainless-steel blade - Non-stick coat helps protect blade from the elements - Strong clip point excels at detail work and tough jobs

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For the conclusion of Fallkniven S1 Vs Cold Steel SRK, S1 is smaller and lighter. The handle is smaller and feels good and can be imagined to be a good knife for smaller chores and delicate work. But this is still a tough little tool as it’s practically as thick as the SRK. The SRK is longer and heavier. Probably better at chopping than the S1 but the blade is still good for slicing. The handle itself is slighter larger that you are able to adapt to smaller and/or larger handles. Keep in mind that the S1 is much more stain resistant than the SRK, even though the SRK is coated.

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