ESEE Junglas Vs RTAK 2

So you are looking for that perfect knife. After crossing out all other options, you are torn between the RTAK 2 and the ESEE Junglas. Which one has an edge over the other? They weigh the same. They even look the same. However, after scrutiny, you will realize the differences between the two. Below are the differences.

The RTAK 2 has a wider and thicker handle compared to the ESEE junglas. The much bigger handle of the RTAK 2 is more appealing to people with a wider hand because it offers a comfortable grip. The narrower and smaller handle of the ESEE Junglas is suitable for smaller hands. Still on the handle, the RTAK 2 comes with a handle that is not as well fitted to the tang compared to the ESEE Junglas. With the RTAK 2, there is a slight gap between the handle and the tang, enough to run a finger through. The ESEE Junglas on the other hand has a handle that is strongly fitted to the tang. This makes the ESEE Junglas a bit more appealing to the eye. (Read also: The Buck Hoodlum Vs Esee Junglas Knives)

The metallic bit also has differences. For instance, while the RTAK 2 comes with a finger choil, the ESEE Junglas does not. The finger choil makes the RTAK 2 more comfortable for detailed cutting and curving than the ESEE Junglas. Furthermore, the RTAK 2 comes with a blade whose cutting edge is 10 inches. On the other hand, the cutting edge of the ESEE Junglas is 9.75 inches. Additionally, the RTAK 2 has a low quality finish which is prone to wear and tear. On the other hand, the ESEE Junglas has a better quality finish which gives it the same new look even after years of use.

Name ESEE JunglasRTAK 2
Key Features- Blade Length: 10.375" - Blade Finish: Black - Handle Material: Gray Micarta, Durable Sheath - Blade Length 10.3 in (26.0 cm) - Overall Length 16.6 in (42.2 cm) - Weighs 1 lb 6.5 oz (0.64 kg)

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So there you have it. Despite the slight difference between the two, they both function similarly. However, or anyone keen on visual appeal, you might prefer the sleek and classy ESEE Junglas over the old fashioned RTAK 2.

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