ESEE Junglas Vs Becker BK9

Yes indeed, in order to purchase yourself the best knife then be keen, all knives serve same purpose but there is only one that ha quality, go for the best! Out of the many options available, let me highlight only two types which are very common in the markets. The ESEE Junglas and the Becker BK9 carry home the best suited for your taste, purpose and reliability.

Let me outline them for the purpose of understanding fully. I suggest that you take the Becker BK9 knife which is much of a knife unlike the ESEE Junglas which resembles a machete both in its slabby handle and it’s size. (Read also: ESEE Junglas Vs RTAK 2)

The Becker BK9 is a bowie knife in all circumstances, it’s very strong, sizable and convenient for use at any time. Although the ESEE Junglas has a better sheath, it’s very expensive and thus unavailable to many households due to it’s price and nature of work it perform. Whereas the Becker BK9 can be used domestically, the ESEE Junglas can be dynamic and used for special purposes only and that’s why I prefer the Becker BK9, it’s simple and flexible, easily available at favorable costs in all markets. The Becker Bk9 is very shiny and attractive, it’s stainless and very light when grasped.

Name Esee JunglasBecker Bk9
Key Features- Overall Length: 16.50" - Blade Length: 10.375" - Blade Finish: Black - Handle Material: Gray Micarta, Durable Sheath - Made in USA - Used by all branches of military and service members - Great for collectors and outdoor services - Tested to ensure quality and durability - Bowie knife with 1095 Cro-Van steel blade - Ergonomic Grivory handle minimizes user fatigue

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Make your shopping simple, don’t make people doubt anything, if you are looking for a knife for the simple reason known to everybody as use in the kitchen, then go for the Becker BK9, it’s the better option! Always pay attention to quality because Becker BK9 is made of steel and aluminum unlike the rest which have components of iron. Iron is very harmful to your health and should not be consumed at any time whether accidentally of intentionally, you only decide to consume iron when you sharpen the ESEE Junglas!

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