Esee Izula Vs Izula 2

The folding knife is a versatile tool used range from open envelopes, cut fruits, cut the rigging, even sometimes also used as a means of self-defense. Blade size ranging from 1 cm to 30 cm, although in general sized between 5 cm to 15 cm with over time, the knives have become daily necessities and not surprisingly has a lot of brands that produce special folding knife. Who are they? Call it the presence of Esee. Esee present with varied models, too, and 2 of them are Esee Izula vs Izula 2 who we know have been very popular among the people. The following is a review of this folding knife.

Esee Izula
It was created in the great United States, Esee Izula is built using 1095 steel. Therefore, when used in a knife, holds a large edge and is very easy to sharpen. However, the nature of this type of steel gives a tendency to easily rust if you are not careful of it. 99% of the knife is a textured powder coat material that gives a nice gripping texture plus it makes rust away. As long as the edge of the blade is properly cared for dry, rust should not be too big of a problem for anyone. As far as the ability to cut it. This knife works great for all kinds of cutting tasks. Whether you’re preparing food, cutting firewood, cutting rope and heavy-duty cardboard Esee Izula will meet and exceed your expectations. If you’re in the market for compact fixed blades for self defense this would be a great choice, probably Esee Izula vs Candiru are great choice too. The sheath and overall size allow the blades to be easily concealable if required. And out of the box was very nice and sharp. Esee Izula comes with a real good ambidextrous sheath and pocket clip. If you order a kit with extras you get some more stuff to bring a knife. In the kit you will get some paracord (not shown), two lock bracelets, and four plastic clips. As far as color choices, Esee offers this blade in many colors. You can see the color options here.

Esee Izula 2
The blades on Izula-II are made of 1095 carbon steel and come powder coated in various finishes. Pictured here is a version of a desert tank. It is 5/32 inch thick and has a full grind of flat, teeth jimping, and many stomachs are given a tiny nature. Technically, this is a drop point, but it seems to behave more like a straight point clip with the tip high enough over the middle. Sharpened knives are roughly 2 ½ inch long, but the full length is 3 5/32 inch when measured from the tip of the scale, so no Rhode Island carries for this one, at least with the scale attached. There are two ways to buy Izula- II with more expensive option comes with a survival kit that includes a paracord and wire lock, split ring, ferrocium rod, emergency whistle and a plate of clips to attach a plastic shroud to your belt. Addically, there is an attacker excluded for the ferro stick, which means you will have to use the sharp edges of your blades to cast sparks, as a powder coat covers all other usable areas. Let the more information provide you by reading this Esee 3 vs Izula 2.

Name Esee IzulaEsee Izula 2
Key Features- Overall Length: 6.25" - Blade Length: 2.63" - Blade Finish: Dark Earth - Sheath: Black Molded Polymer- Overall Length: 6.75", Blade Length: 2.63" - Blade Material: 1095 Steel - Blade Finish: Black - Handle Material: Tan Micarta

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If you have narrowed it down to Esee Izula vs Izula 2, you will find that Izula 2 is 0.5 inch longer at the handles, but still, Izula is more popular than the Izula 2 because more people have it too. It may sound silly, but you should try to measure how wide your palm is, and how long some of the handles are on your knife that you like the grip on. The Izula handle is 3.5 inch and Izula 2 is of course 4 inch.

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