Esee Izula Vs Candiru

A blade is a half a breath to climbers or adventurers. At least that’s my personal slogan. Can you imagine it? If while doing the adventure in the wild, and then something unwanted happens, for example, got lost in the jungle Kingdom, certainly a knife will make a big difference in between life and death. Survival knife has its own differences with the kitchen knife generally, as in the shape of the blade, the blade material, the thickness of the blade, and others. For this type of course, there are various kinds of which have been manufactured by several brands like Esee. For the title this time especially for this brand with a system of comparison in particular on Esee Izula vs Candiru.

Esee Izula
This knife is made by Esee and if you have read my much larger review of Esee more than you know. The company, started by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin, started as TransEquatorial Solutions, Inc. Alabama-based company that provides global training, equipment, and logistics solutions. After spending years training civilians and military professionals in survival techniques the company decided that they wanted to start manufacturing their own tools to complete their survival tasks. The end result is Esee, and his cousin, business is booming. The blade comes out of a sharp razor pack, as it should, and, as with 1095 carbon steel, remains sharp that even after heavy use cuts a variety of different materials. Also, once the blade begins to bore, and the razor edge is loose, it is not too difficult to sharpen. This blade is very light and compares well with most equivalent size folders. Total 6.25 “and it weighs only 2 oz You will feel that this somewhat fixed blade is the right size to complete most of the daily cutting tasks It is large enough that it can handle relatively serious cutting tasks but not too big that it does can go into small spaces to handle more work just fine. This keeps these knives at home on your daily belt as well as in your ultralight backpacking kit or even as a back-up knife in your expedition kit for longer more heavy travel.

Esee Candiro
Esee Candiru is small but packs a tremendous punch. Esee is Jeff Randall’s survival tool company, offering a wide range of capable cutting edge ponds, from large helicopters like Junglas to high carbon arrows. Each Esee tool is simple, powerful and capable. Most in sizes range from large plains to proportional Sasquatch. Candiru is different; this is a small knife. With short cutting edge, Candiru is very good in Padang. But thanks to the thin kydex optional sheath, it’s pretty good in civilization, too. Part of the growing trend, Candiru is a truly remarkable blade you can take with you every day. The knife itself is simple with a Rowen slab with 1095 with a drop point blade and a good handle of skeletonized size. The entire blade, except the actual cutting edge, is powder-coated to inhibit rust on high-carbon steels. In hand, Candiru feels something like a scalpel, able to move and cut with precision. There is a run of clutch-raising jim on the spine of the blade, and the handle lies nicely on the sides, giving you plenty of grip on the small knife. Despite its small size this is a real fixed blade. You can pound through the wood, drive into the ground, and do some light gouging with it. The edges will be held in part because 1095 steel is good at the time and partly because of the heat Rowen treats ESEE using one of the best in the cutting tool business when it comes to 1095.

Name Esee IzulaCandiru
Key Features- Overall Length: 6.25" - Blade Length: 2.63" - Blade Finish: Dark Earth - Sheath: Black Molded Polymer- Length: 5.13", Cutting Edge Length: 2.0" - 1096 Carbon Steel - 55-57 Rc. - Textured Powder Coat Finish - Comes with Black Molded Sheath

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Esee Izula is a great knife especially for pocket or neck carry, moreover it comes razor sharp out of the box too and very versatile. On the other hand, for normal cutting tasks throughout the day there is nothing the Candiru can’t do. We think both are great for different reason that we already mentioned previously. So, between Esee Izula vs Candiru, which one are you with?

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