Esee 6P B Review: A Tough Beast For Survival Situations

Using a truly capable knife may make the difference between life and death when dealing with a survival situation. Hence, it is important not to compromise when choosing your gear. In this Esee 6P B review, we will take a look at the qualities of a beast knife that is truly reliable and dependable for survival situations.

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First of all, let’s have a look at the dimensions of Esee 6P B. This fixed knife is a really large and heavy knife. So, if you are considering about getting this knife, make sure that you will be able to carry it without much problem. For a slightly shorter survival knife, take a look at Esee 5P Review.

Esee 6P B measures 11.75 inches long in total. With such length, this knife may be too large to be carried on your back or chest strap. However, it is still possible to carry on your belt. A sheath with a clip plate is included so that you can carry the knife a little more easily.

Interestingly, the weight is ‘only’ about 12 oz. Of course, this is still quite heavy. However, it is not as heavy as some other survival knives on the market. So,Esee 6P Bis still a viable option if you need something that is manageable and not excessively heavy.

Esee 6P B is actually available in two different models, one with a plain edge and the other with a serrated edge. Most people agree that the plain-edge knife is more versatile, suitable for a wider range of tasks, whereas the serrated-edge knife is more suitable for specific tasks such as cutting ropes, meats, and other tough objects.

The blade features a drop-point design with a flat grind. Wikipedia describes a drop-point blade as a knife blade which slopes from the handle to the tip, so that the spine can continue forward to the tip. Since the spine is the thicker and stronger part of the knife, this design ensures good strength and toughness on the blade’s tip. The combination of the drop-point design and the flat grind makes this knife very versatile.

The blade is 6.5 inches long with a cutting edge of about 5.75 inches. As you can see, there is plenty cutting length for you to use. You can use it for heavy-duty tasks without much effort. Esee 6P B can easily chop wooden sticks and make your way through a dense jungle.

However, the large size means that this knife is not suitable for fine, delicate tasks such as skinning and whittling. Because of that, you may want to pair this beast with a smaller precision knife for more delicate works.

Don’t worry about the toughness of the blade. It is truly rugged and durable. The blade is 1.56” thick. It is made from the 1095 carbon steel. This material is known for the excellent toughness and superior resistance to chipping, commonly used for heavy-duty choppers and survival knives. It is also very easy to sharpen. The edge retention is not as great as the higher-end materials, but the easy sharpening is a good trade-off.

However, note that this is a carbon steel, not stainless steel. In other words, it is not resistant to rust. It requires frequent cleaning, and make sure that you keep it oiled in order to avoid rust issues. On the good side, Esee 6P B comes with a black powder coat to provide additional protection against rust.

Esee 6P B is a full-tang knife, which means that the steel of the blade actually extends to the rear. The handle is the same piece as the blade, with a pair of handle scales covering the steel. A full-tang knife offers superior ruggedness and durability. The knife is also generally more stable and balanced. Even if the handle scales are broken, it is still possible to use the knife.

If you observe the rear end of the knife carefully, you may notice that there is a protruding metal. This is a pommel designed for hammering. You can use the pommel end to break something open. Just grab the knife tightly and smash the bottom to the object. The pommel is well-built and very tough.

The handle scales of Esee 6P B are very sweet and comfortable. It is ergonomically designed with subtle curves, which create a smooth place to put your hand. The handle scales are made of linen micarta. It feels very comfortable. It provides the maximum gripping power, and it does not become slippery in sweaty hands. You can handle it with great confidence.

Nevertheless, the handle scales are removable. This means that you can replace the handle scales if you prefer a different material or color. You can also easily replace them in the future if they break.

Esee 6P B comes with a polymer sheath. It is quite solid, although it does not feel very tough. At least, it works very well as intended. Carrying the knife becomes much easier with the sheath, especially because a belt clip plate is also included. As mentioned above, carrying the knife on your belt is generally the most comfortable position.

The design of the sheath is very good nonetheless. It has a drainage port at the end, to prevent water accumulation inside. There are lashing and cord holes around the sheath, which means that the sheath is ambidextrous, and there is a friction retention mechanism near the handle to prevent the knife from falling out from the sheath.

Also included in the bundle are the mountain hardware, paracord, and cord lock. These may come handy for some people.


- Overall Length: 11.75" - Blade Length: 6.50" - Blade Material: 1095 Steel - Handle Material: Grey Micarta Scale - Sheath: Black Molded Polymer

Esee 6P B is an excellent survival knife. With the long, tough blade, it can easily handle all kinds of heavy-duty tasks you throw at it. The handle is solid and comfortable, and it comes with a nice ambidextrous sheath for easy carrying.

Esee 6P B Review: Specifications
Weight: 12.0 oz.
Total Length: 11.75 inches
Blade Length: 6.50 inches
Cutting Length: 5.75 inches
Material: 1095 Carbon Steel
Thickness: 0.1875 inches
Hardness: 55 – 57HRC
Style: Drop Point
Grind: Flat
Finish: Black Powder Coat
Handle Length: 5.25 inches
Handle Material: Micarta
Sheath Material: Polymer plastic with clip plate
Made in the USA

Esee 6P B Review: Pros and Cons
• Really rugged and durable
• Plenty of cutting length for heavy-duty tasks
• Excellent fit and balance for solid, comfortable handling
• Solid, durable pommel
• Large and heavy
• Not suitable for fine, precision works

Esee 6P B Review: Price
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