ESEE 6 vs BK2

Everyone who is used to carrying EDC knives will know how useful they are for outdoor enthusiasts and just convenient in general. The type of blade or material may vary among products but they need to be useful for your application. If you prefer the more robust choice, ESEE 6 Vs BK2 are two ideal options to consider as they are fixed blades. For those who wonder which of these knives will offer the best quality for your applications, do check which will be the better choice below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Knives are Convenient
  • What are ESEE 6 and BK2
  • What ESEE 6 and BK2 Look Like
  • What Steel Used for ESEE 6 and BK2
  • What Handle Used for ESEE 6 and BK2
  • How are the Performance of ESEE 6 and BK2
  • ESEE 6 Vs BK2

Knife for Everyday Tasks

Being active and completing various tasks out there require you to have the correct tool for them. Our hand and overall body is made to complete a wide range of tasks but there can only be so much our bare hands can handle; it may be able to lift a heavy weight but you can’t fasten or loosen a screw just by fingers. Some people may feel the need to bring their tool box in the car for emergency reasons and some decide to bring compact tools to everywhere they go.

One tool that we often have in our pocket or backpack if you are an outdoor enthusiast is no other than a small knife or a pocket knife. Of course people’s options will vary based on what they will encounter daily but, a pocket knife or a multi tool will help so much if you often have to do small tasks while adventuring out there. If your job circles around repairing stuff, a multi tool is probably more effective to have as they carry a range of small convenient tools than just a blade.

For those spending much of their time outdoors like camping or hiking and spending some of their free schedule to breathe some fresh air, a small survival knife is a must have. The most prominent purpose of having them is to cut stuff, and when we mention knives, it is almost the same as when we mentioned food preparation. Carrying instant meals is convenient but you may have to catch some game too or chop veggies to make hot stew and filleting fish.

A knife role in food preparation is irreplaceable and it stays the same out there. Another common purpose of a small knife is when you need to make fire. We may be able to gather all small dried leaves and branches or twigs but there are times when you also need to prepare tinder or need kindling. You will need them to shave thin layers off the branch. The thin but robust steel is also useful to pry something or to remove something that is too tricky for your finger to reach.


Product Dimensions6.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches3.4 x 13.7 x 2.5 inches
Shipping Weight3.88 ounces1 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

If you are also carrying some goods that are still sealed in the backpack, we can also utilize the small knife to open them. These items will go bad once you open the compartment so it is better to keep them sealed for as long as possible and only open them when needed. In addition, while a knife is not a tool made to dig or unearth something, at times they can be useful when there is no specific tool around.

About ESEE 6 and BK2

If you are here then it means you are also currently looking for a survival knife and for this convenient tool, there are so many of them out there. In general all blades have similar functions to each other but they are also different because not all made to be the same. You can shop based on which seems to fit you better or if you have no time to look into the collection, we can just shop from the popular names. 

They are not a guarantee that you will like their options but chances are they have a high possibility to match yours too. Among the most popular outdoor tool brands out there, ESEE and KA-BAR are two good options to consider. Both of them are well-known names in the market and it is for good reasons as they are manufacturing good quality blades and reliable knives. You can also shop from a wide range of variants depending on what you need.

For those who need a versatile knife that can be used to perform various tasks, ESEE 6 and BK2 are two amazing variants you can go for. Both of them are the choice of many when it comes to multipurpose as it seems that they can be used for almost everything. Whether you want to skin a branch of trees, cutting small woods to make a fire, or cleaning a fish, we can perform all of them with these knives. 

Of course it is best to have each tool for each task, but we often have no options out there. The two are intended for those who are spending some of their time adventuring such as camping where you need to complete some hefty but necessary jobs. What we love the most and necessary in such a survival knife is a fixed blade and ESEE 6 and BK2 are. They also seem to be able to take abuse and last for years to come.

ESEE 6 and BK2 Design

If you love pretty blades that are not only useful but also look beautiful, none of them will be ideal because they are not that aesthetically pleasing. In a glance they are robust and the working type of tool that you can always rely on. As you can see, the two are using the typical drop-point blade style with slopes on the spine from the handle to the tip of the blade. They also have the same thick and wide handle for comfort.

They are contoured to fit best on your hand and the wide width makes them feel firm including when you have to baton through small logs. They are fixed blades and they will come with a sheath as well to store the knife when not in use but it seems the material is a bit different with ESSE made from molded polymer and KA-BAR from hard shell black nylon. Read also: Paramilitary 2 Vs Benchmade 940.

ESEE 6 and BK2 Steel

Moving further, when it comes to blades or knives, what you may want to know first is probably the steel because it decides how robust they are and here ESEE 6 and BK2 actually uses the same type of steel or 1095 steel. They are very popular and widely used for various types of knives and have a carbon content of 0.95% which is used to harden the steel as well as reducing the amount of wear your blade will have to sustain over time.

But, while the addition of carbon can make it more robust, 1095 steel is also not the most rigid material for blades out there due to the low level of manganese. The characteristic of a blade made from this material is capable of holding a great edge but also still very easy to sharpen. What you may want to note when having any knife made from this material is you will need to oil it or care for it properly to prevent rust.

ESEE 6 and BK2 Handle

Moving to the handle, ESEE 6 and BK2 are also the same with a slight difference in shape but they are made from the same Micarta. There are three screws along the handle or through the tang and as you may already know, Micarta is a good material as they will survive the type of environment they are working in. This handle is probably more long lasting than the blade itself as steel will rush but your grip will still remain even with no care.

What’s a bit different is on the handle feel because ESSE has this slight texture to it and while it is necessary to improve grip especially when your hand is wet or sweating, some people may not like how it feels on their palm.

ESEE 6 and BK2 Performance 

The last part we want to talk about is their performance and here both ESEE 6 and BK2 are just as good as their reputation. These blades are hefty, they have a good weight to it that is not too heavy for carrying purpose. The weight is great to add force when you need to cut through something thick like splitting small logs with a hammer or making spears to go fishing. The handle is also huge and fits well on most adult’s hands so we can control the blade effectively.

ESEE 6 vs BK2

Both of them are probably two of the most popular survival knives you can opt in the market and for good reasons. They have a great blade quality and the drop point style is effective for various types of tasks out there from splitting small logs to preparing your meals. They are also easy to use and comfortable for light to medium tasks with a slight difference on the handle which are equally easy to grip.

- Overall Length: 11.75"
- Blade Length: 6.50"
- Blade Material: 1095 Steel
- Handle Material: Gray Micarta
- Full tang heavy duty field knife suited for camping chores.
- Made in Olean New York, U.S.A
- Designed by Ethan Becker
- Manufactured by KA-BAR Knives Inc.


Overall you can go with any of these knives as there is no bad option between the two but, since the price gap is quite far, we do think choosing BK2 from KA-BAR will be a wiser decision as you can save some but still enjoy the same quality.

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