Esee 5P Review: Big and Tough for Extreme Tasks

One may holds a lot of expectations when it comes to a survival knife. Having a truly durable and reliable knife is very important when in a survival situation. Esee 5P is one big, tough knife that you can trust for even the most extreme tasks. Continue reading the Esee 5P review below to see the great things as well as the few limitations of this awesome survival knife.

Size and Weight
The very first thing that you need to know about Esee 5P is that it is a big and heavy knife. It has a weight of 16 oz, and that is without the sheath. With such weight, this is definitely not a light knife by any means. Most of the weight comes from the knife’s spine, which is 0.25” thick. If you are looking for a lightweight knife, Esee 5P is not the most recommended choice. But could a lightweight knife withstand extreme wilderness abuse? Maybe not. If you are looking for a tough, durable knife that can withstand everything you throw at it, read on.

Esee 5P is also quite large. The total length is 11.0 inches, with a blade length of 5.25 inches. With such size, it may be a little inconvenient to carry around. But it will be able to beat through almost any thing.

The large, heavy design may require you to plan how to carry the knife accordingly. It is still possible to carry the knife on your belt. But if you don’t like having things on your belt, you can put the knife on your chest rig. The large size may make you think that this is not possible, but actually the drop on the sheath will allow you to carry Esee 5P comfortably this way.

Design and Features
Esee 5P was designed by the manufacturer in a collaboration with military SERE instructors. So, unsurprisingly, Esee 5P comes with nice features that are very useful and handy in survival scenarios. In addition to the superior toughness and durability, Esee 5P also comes with a bow drill pivot point in the handle and a glass breaker pommel.

The bow drill pivot point has proven to be effective. This is highly usable, and you can use it with success nearly all the time. Meanwhile, the glass breaker pommel may not be used very frequently, but it is really solid and rugged. You can use it to hit and break things that you hinder you on your path. It can withstand serious usage without breaking.

Another cool thing about Esee 5P is that it is protected by a lifetime warranty which covers the whole knife, even if it is resold or traded. This is awesome. You can get a peace of mind when buying a product with a lifetime warranty. But note that the warranty does not cover misuse or rust damage, so make sure that you take care of it properly.

The handle scales of Esee 5P are Canvas Micarta scales. They are lightweight yet extremely durable. They feel very comfortable to hold, and they are able to maintain a good grip even when wet. The grip is also quite solid when wearing gloves, which is an impressive feat. Since there is a good chance that you will need to wear gloves when exploring the wilderness, you need a knife that has a solid and reliable handle.

The thickness of the handle is just right for a medium-sized hand. Compared to most knives, it is indeed a little bit thicker. This is due to the thick blade. But it is still comfortable and manageable to hold.

The handle is ergonomically curved to match the contour of your grip. It feels natural. To enhance the handling and control, there is a jimping on the spine of the blade near the handle. By placing your thumb on this part, you will be able to control the knife better.

The blade is made of the 1095 carbon steel. The disadvantages for this material include the great toughness, strength, sharpness, and edge retention. However, this blade does require frequent cleaning and maintenance if you don’t want it to develop rust issues. The blade is equipped with a powder coating to help protect against moisture.

The strength and toughness are not to be scoffed at. You can literally use this knife to baton through a wooden log which is normally split with an axe. It has a saber grind, which is suitable for almost all kinds of cutting tasks. You can use it for almost all survival tasks such as processing timbers, creating feather sticks, cutting paracord ropes, and even digging in dead logs.

The blade is surprisingly easy to sharpen, so maintaining the blade to be ready for use all the time should be an easy thing to accomplish. The superior edge retention is able to hold an above-average sharpness level even after a particularly heavy task, so you won’t need to sharpen it all the time.

However, such large blade does have its limitation. Due to the monstrous size, this knife is not suitable for delicate tasks, such as whittling and skinning. For such precision tasks, you should use a smaller and finer knife.

Esee 5P comes with a kydex sheath with a clip plate. The sheath also feels sturdy and rugged. You can definitely use it and take it along in your wilderness trips. The sheath is quite lightweight, so don’t worry about too much additional weight. The sheath has a black color. The sheath makes the knife easy and practical to carry in your preferred position.


- Overall Length: 11.00" - Blade Length: 5.25" - Handle Material: Micarta - Sheath: Kydex - Blade Finish: Black

If you are looking for a lightweight knife, Esee 5P is not the best. However, if you are looking for a truly capable and reliable knife that can help you stay alive in a survival condition, Esee 5P is one of the very best choices available. It has a tough, durable blade and solid handle. It can easily withstand extreme conditions, and it is suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Esee 5P Review: Specifications
• Thumb jimping on the spine
• Bow drill divot in the handle
• Glass breaker pommel
• Weight: 16.0 oz.
• Overall Length: 11.0″
• Handle Length: 5.75″
• Blade Length: 5.25″
• Cutting Edge Length: 5.0″
• Handle Material: Micarta
• Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel
• Blade Finish: Gunsmoke Powder Coating
• Blade Grind: Saber Flat
• Blade Style: Drop Point
• Blade Thickness: 0.25″
• Blade Hardness: 55 – 57HRC
• Sheath Material: Kydex with Clip Plate
• Sheath Color: Black

Esee 5P Review: Pros and Cons
• Very tough and durable blade
• Long cutting edge suitable for heavy tasks
• Protective coating
• Comfortable handling
• Solid pommel
• Not suitable for delicate tasks such as whittling and skinning

Esee 5P Review: Price
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