Esee 5 Vs Rat 5

Esee 5 and Rat 5 are two survival knives that look very similar to each other. They both use 1095 carbon steel blades with black powder coats, micarta handles, and kydex sheaths. However, there are also several notable differences. Esee 5 is more expensive, and it comes with a tougher blade and a lifetime warranty. On the other hand, Rat 5 is thinner, lighter, and more affordable. See the detailed comparisons between Esee 5 vs Rat 5 below!

The first difference between Esee 5 vs Rat 5 is regarding the dimensions. Esee 5 is slightly bigger, but it is quite noticeably heavier. The total length is 11 inches with a blade length of 5.25 inches. Compared to Rat 5, the blade is indeed thicker, which is one reason why the weight is significantly quite heavier at 16 oz. Nevertheless, Esee 5 is quite handy as a survival knife. The size and weight are just right to handle confidently. See our previous post here about the comparisons between the siblings, ESEE 5 vs 6.

On the other hand, the Rat 5 survival knife is slightly smaller and quite lighter. It measures 10.5 inches long, although the blade length is similar at 5.25 inches. This knife is much lighter at 11.5 oz. Hence, it can be your choice if you really prefer a lightweight model.

Blade Quality
In a glance, you can immediately notice that the blades of Esee 5 vs Rat 5 do share a lot of similarities. Both have the drop-point design and black powder coating. In addition, both blades are made of the 1095 carbon steel, which is highly tough and durable. They are ready for heavy-duty uses.

However, Esee 5 does come with a thicker blade. It has a saber flat grind, with a thicker part starting from the middle of the blade upwards to the spine. The additional bulkiness makes the blade tougher and more durable. The design also allows for more efficient cutting and slicing.

On the other hand, Rat 5’s blade has a flat grind. It is not as thick as Esee 5, which means that it is also less durable to withstand heavy works and impacts.

Both Esee 5 and Rat 5 come with high-quality micarta handles which feel very nice and comfortable to hold. For sure, they don’t sleep easily in your hand. You can notice a difference on their handles; Esee 5 has a larger lanyard hole on the pommel end. On the other hand, Rat 5’s lanyard hole is much smaller, although the pommel end is about the same size. Not a big problem, but you will probably find Esee 5’s lanyard hole easier to use.

Esee 5 comes with the better warranty. It is backed by a no-question-asked lifetime warranty. Whenever you need your knife repaired, you can send it back to the manufacturer, and they will give it back to you in good condition. This is an awesome feature of the knife.

On the other hand, Rat 5 is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty only covers faulty materials and workmanship.

Name Esee 5Rat 5
Key Features- Overall Length: 11.00" - Blade Length: 5.25" - Handle Material: Micarta - Sheath: Kydex - Blade Finish: Black- Made of 1095 Carbon Steel - Lock Type: Fixed; Edge Type: Plain - Overall Length: 10.5-Inch - Weighs 11.5 ounces

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Between these two knives, we recommend you to choose Esee 5. Although it is a little more expensive, it is worth the money. It comes with a thicker, more durable blade and an awesome lifetime warranty.

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