ESEE 5 Vs 6

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile survival knife, ESEE 5 and ESEE 6 are very good choices for you. These are high-quality knives that can serve you well in a variety of situations. ESEE 5 is an absolute beast with the thickness and strength; it can handle almost any heavy-duty task that you throw at it. On the other hand, ESEE 6 is longer yet thinner and lighter, suitable if you are concerned about your knife’s weight. Which one is the best knife for you? Continue reading below to see the detailed comparisons between ESEE 5 vs 6!

In general, survival knives like ESEE 5 and ESEE 6 are big and heavy. ESEE 5, in particular, is pretty heavy at 16.0 oz. It is because of the thicker blade. The total length of the knife, however, is shorter than the sibling. It is 11.0 inches long, and the blade length is 5.25 inches. Due to the smaller size, this knife is easier to handle. (See also : Esee 5 Vs Becker BK2)

On the other hand, ESEE 6 features a longer blade, yet the knife is lighter at 12.0 oz. That is because the blade is thinner. Nevertheless, the total length of the knife is 11.75 inches, and the blade length is significantly longer at 6.50 inches. Because of the longer size, this knife may be a little more difficult to handle.

Blade Design
The next difference between ESEE 5 vs 6 is regarding the blade design. ESEE 5 features a thicker blade with a saber grind. Despite the thickness, the edge is highly sharp. As the effect, this blade is very tough and durable, and it can cut through most things easily. The great strength of the thick blade also allows for prying. The downside of the thick blade is that it is not very good for precision works such as skinning or carving.

On the other hand, ESEE 6 comes with a thinner blade. It features a flat grind. Compared to ESEE 5, ESEE 6 is indeed not as tough and durable. It has a higher chance to break if over-abused. However, the long blade and flat grind make it more suitable for precision works such as slicing, skinning, and carving.

Both knives’ blades are made of the high-carbon 1095 steel. This material is highly durable, and it can make a very sharp edge. However, it will rust and stain if not properly cared for. So, you should clean and lubricate your knife regularly.

Handle Features
Both ESEE 5 and ESEE 6 are equipped with micarta handle scales. Their handle designs are quite similar. They each have a lanyard hole at the end of the handle, but ESEE 5 features a wider lanyard hole than ESEE 6. In addition, ESEE 5 comes with a glass breaker pommel, whereas ESEE 6 doesn’t.

Key Features- Overall Length: 11.00" - Blade Length: 5.25" - Handle Material: Micarta - Sheath: Kydex - Blade Finish: Black- Overall Length: 11.00" - Blade Length: 5.25" - Handle Material: Micarta - Sheath: Kydex - Blade Finish: Black

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Both ESEE 5 and ESEE 6 are great knives with different benefits. If you prefer a tough, durable knife that you can use for heavy-duty tasks such as prying, ESEE 5 is more recommended. ESEE 5 also has a glass breaker pommel, which can be handy. However, if you prefer a lightweight knife with a flat grind for easier skinning and carving, ESEE 6 is the way to go.

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