Esee 4 Vs Benchmade Bushcrafter

For the fan of bushcraft and wilderness, you need a powerful, durable and reliable knife for various purposes. You will need a knife to be able to perform various tasks while you are out there in the wilderness, so you certainly do not want to suddenly break. There are two current popular knives that people often opt for the survival of bushcraft and jungle; they are ESEE 4 and Benchmade Bushcrafter. These two blades are available in the same price range, and they each have a drop-point blade. So, what is the difference between Esee 4 vs Benchmade Bushcrafter, and which is the better blade you choose.

The Blades
Esee 4 is a knife made of 1095 carbon steel which is the best choice for professional works of cutlery and heavy duty tasks. In addition, the Esee 4 blade is thicker than the Benchmade Bushcrafter. But, although knife and thickness materials ensure blade toughness and durability, carbon steel is not very resistant to rust and stains. Therefore, it will require frequent cleaning and maintenance if you want it to last. On the other hand, the Benchmade Buchcrafter knife is made of S30V stainless steel. Very strong, sturdy and stain resistant and rust. It is also relatively easy to sharpen, and has a decent edge retetion. However, frequent maintenance is a wise habit, but you can have peace of mind knowing that a blade can stand a hard condition better. Although both models have drop-point blades, different designs. At Benchmade Bushcrafter, the actual edge has really high grinding flat and the knife drops another significally. A particular advantage is that the blades will be much more effective especially for skinning. Under different conditions, Esse 4 has a short and back upright, making the point sharper, more controllable.

The Handles
Esee 4 has bolted on the scale, while Benchmade Bushcrafter has been pressed on the scale. In practical terms, the Esee 4 design is also more versatile and versatile as it will allow you to easily remove Micarta scales and changes with custom scales. Therefore, it is huge if you want to adjust your blades too. But for something that is easy but fully effective, the Benchmade Bushcrafter should be the way to go because the grips are built from the G10 scales, ensuring great handling, and solid. The Bushcrafter handle design seems to have produced a right-handed controversy from the start. Shane Sibert designed the handle to make the blades safer while chopping (then swell at the end of the handle), and also to make it better filling the hands while choking to make other delicate carvings and feathersticks.

Name Esee 4Benchmade Bushcrafter
Key Features- Field tested to ensure reliability - Made using high quality materials - Made in the USA- The contoured G10 handle offers exceptional strength to weight, imperviousness to moisture - This knife is permanently open and comes with a sheath to protect the edge - 4.40" (9.58cm) Drop-point style blade, weighing 7.72oz

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This time we have to make a conclusion between Esee 4 vs Benchmade Bushcrafter are great knives for you to use. If you prefer a sharper point, resilient blade, and G10 handle as well. You should choose Benchmade BUshcrafter. But, if you would like to make a customize of your knife with custom scales, you should go to Esee 4 that can make a great alternative.

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