Esee 3 Vs Izula 2

We finally back with another review about blade recommendation, if you are looking for a small, fixed, and easy to carry blade that you will bring to be a knife for hiking or general traveling as well as mercharness, these are going to be your knife. Let us directly go to the main point. You know we will talk about Esse 3 vs Izula 2 that will be compared on how they work, materials, and also features. And finally we got the conclusion at the end of paragraphs from this article.

Esee 3
The Esse 3 quips with the micarta scale, which if you have never felt before, feels similar to casts harden. It provides a knife with a beautiful fullness in the hand, as well as a very solid grip that will not slip. It is often said that micarta becomes more grippy when wet. Although ESEE 3 the fine attention to detail is ultimately a remarkable tool. The knife came very sharply from the box, and was a snap for the resharpen it had to need it. The knife is hard enough to bore and takes almost every amount of abuse you can put it through. ESEE 3 is a fairly large knife, but it feels very capable of doing very complicated work.

Choil finger on the blade provides an easy way to streak the blade and get a bit more dexterity. When you are not used to working with this large knife it is very encouraging not to feel like an awkward knife in hand. Many people when initially holding a comment blade on the comfort of a knife. One drawback of most ESEE knives is that the steel they use is high-carbon steels that are not as corrosion resistant as stainless steels. 3 ESEE will run about $ 100 which seems a bit expensive for a knife that most of us will hold in the drawer, but when you get one of these blades in your hand it immediately feels like it is stealing.

Esee Izula 2
Based on the construction and material of Esse Izula 2, this full-tang, fixed-blade knife is made from one solid piece of 5/32-inch thick, powder coated, 1095 carbon steel. It comes with optional, hollowed-out Canvas Micarta handles. Without the powder coating, this knife would have rusted quickly. It is easy to use, but you do not expect to take down a redwood with this knife, but it can hold its own against larger survival knives. The Izula-2 was designed for concealed carry and easy deployment in any situation; it does both very easily. The longer handle and bent neck lets it be used to cut, chop, dig, etc which are very easily.

The nylon sheath was designed to carry the Izula-2 in almost any configuration. if you have gone up and down many mountains with this sucker hanging upside-down off of my belt–and it’s never dropped off. Edge retention comes easy to flat ground 1095 carbon steel. It has been around for years and has stood up against many more molecularly superior blades. In five years, all you have to do is only had to sharpen the Izula-2 twice and you can use it daily. The Izula-2 and its sheath alone provides everything wilderness enthusiasts need in a survival knife, and then some and the optional Survival Kit among $45 expands on the knife’s utility. The materials alone justify the price, but the design of the knife and then the Survival Kit really just make the Izula-2 a no-brainer for anyone taking an extended walk in the woods.

Name Esee 3Izula 2
Key Features- Overall Length: 8.31", Blade Length: 3.875" - Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel - Handle Material: Micarta - Sheath: Foliage Green Molded Polymer - Made in USA- Overall Length: 6.75", Blade Length: 2.63" - Blade Material: 1095 Steel - Blade Finish: Black - Handle Material: Tan Micarta - Made in USA

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Both Esee 3 vs Izula 2 have multiple carry options and also are discreet enough to carry without the sheeple getting scared. The Esse 3 will so much suit on your needs better than perfect, while the Izula is too small to be a primary blade, however you still can be concerned with other people noticing it. Just go with that as your wish since you can use them on your hiking trips and other related activities.

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