Dremel 8220 vs 4300

Dremel is very popular with their power tool and they carry lots of choices in the catalogue to fit your preference and application such as Dremel 8220 Vs 4300 which are optimized on performance for a more serious DIY enthusiast. Both of them are very similar to each other when it comes to functionality but also slightly different and if you are also considering to get one of them, go check what they can offer below before deciding to purchase the rotary tool.

In this article, we are going to give you information about: 

  • Do you need a Rotary Tool
  • How to use Rotary Tool Safely
  • What are Dremel 8220 and 4300
  • What Dremel 8220 and 4300 Look Like
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  • How are the Attachment Mounting System of Dremel 8220 and 4300
  • What else Dremel 8220 and 4300 can offer
  • Dremel 8220 Vs 4300

Rotary Tool

If you are the type who loves to do small tasks around the house and interested in DIY items that we can make or play with, you will be familiar with a rotary tool already. This is one of the most useful and versatile tools you can have in the tool box because of its almost unlimited capabilities from cutting items to cleaning or polishing a surface. For those who never have or use one before, they are simply a hand-held fast rotating motor connected to a spindle.

What makes them versatile is the attachment itself, not the machine since there are tons of attachments that we can install on the spindle. Here you can choose the most ideal accessories to complete the job such as cutting wheels when you need to cut a solid item, especially the smaller one into a tiny piece. It allows a detailed work because the cutting piece itself is very small and thin. You can also craft a synthetic material or woods with a suitable attachment, making them a must have for many of us.

Rotary Tool Safety

While in general using a rotary tool is fairly safe, you also still need to pay attention and be careful when using one. They are pretty similar to an angle grinder due to the working mechanism but since the size is lot smaller, we can be more at ease. When using the tool there will be a chance that they spit off some tiny particles of the attachment and the item we are working on especially when cutting, grinding, or sanding. 

While they are hard to see and not a threatening, these particles will be hot or sharp and anything in between or even both which makes it necessary to put some precautions. The most important is protective goggles and if you will need to see the item closely, put a face shield with safety glasses as well to make sure those particles are not going to hurt your eyes or accidentally getting breathed in. Since they produce noise ear plugs will be helpful as well.

This is especially needed when you are using power tools such as die grinders but a regular small handheld rotary tool is fairly safe for most of us. Since the particles can be hot when they spit out of the tool in result of the contact, we can wear gloves well when doing the task to make sure we don’t have to deal with a burned skin. In addition, for those with long hair, should tie the hair to keep them out of the way.

About Dremel 8220 and 4300

If you will be doing lots of small tasks in the workshop or the house, a rotary tool will be very beneficial to have because they can offer various functions in one machine alone, making them a useful versatile gear to invest on. Depending on your application and project however, our choice can vary greatly but make sure to consider power and all the features they offer so we are getting the best model for our own needs.

There are various brands offering rotary tools and all of them will be able to offer the versatility of dealing with various different small jobs but when you ask which rotary tool to get, most cases people will just say Dremel. Yes, this brand is almost or actually the synonym for rotary tool in the market so when people mention the machine, this company will be the topic as well. They have a huge collection of tools to match your preference and application.

For those who are looking at a high versatility rotary tool with adequate power to finish the job properly, Dremel 8220 and 4300 will be an ideal options to consider. Both of them are very much similar to each other just like how Dremel 3000 Vs 4000 are but if the latter are different on an additional system they put to maximize the performance, these two are more of a brothers but have different working versatility since side by side, they can do the same tasks.

What’s prominent between Dremel 8220 and 4300 is the fact that the former is actually a wireless version of the handheld rotary tool. Most rotary tools will need a power through cable but this one is using battery which makes it convenient as well since now we can transport it with ease or working on spots where wall power is insufficient. However, it also brings drawbacks for we must have enough power to finish especially time consuming tasks such as polishing a huge frame or metal items.

Dremel 8220 and 4300 Design

If you have used or own a Dremel rotary tool in the past, these models will look very similar to just any rotary tool from the company since what you find is this grey capsule with a tubular form and a spindle on one of its tips. Side by side however, you will notice that the wireless 8220 is heavier and bulkier in comparison to its brother since it has to spare room to fit the battery as well. The former is measured at 3-inch in diameter and 9-inch long.

The cabled version is about 25 oz. measured at 1.5-inch in diameter and still 9-inch in length. This version is heavier in comparison to the battery powered 8220 which is only at 22 oz. However, due to the thick diameter, those with smaller hands may find it uncomfortable to hold the rotary tool properly while navigating the attachment. However, we like that you can find this soft grip on both models to slightly elevate the handling experience.

Dremel 8220 and 4300 Power

Moving further, the first thing you may want to know when looking for a rotary tool is probably their power and since they are powered using different source, the result can be different as well because in general wall power will supply more balance source than battery and in this part the 4300, similar to the 4000 machine is also featured with electronic feedback control which is going to make sure that the output produced by the machine is meeting the desired level.

However, the speed range itself is the same between Dremel 8220 and 4300 since you can still adjust the speed from 5000 to 35000 rotation per minute yet, in comparison, the amount of power produced by both machines will be more reliable and constant in the latter. In application, you can use these tools to do various jobs from cutting thin steel, plastic, woods, or craving woods and polishing metal or any sturdy surface with the ideal attachment.

Dremel 8220 and 4300 Attachment Mounting System

The next part we want to mention is their attachment system and the reason why it is important is because you will love a hassle-less convenient changing method such as what Dremel 8220 and 4300 offered here. These two are coming with what they call as EZ Twist Nose Cap and in fact the 4300 is the first machine using this system. Here you will not need a tool anymore since the system is collet-less but the changes will include three-jack chuck.

These tools will accept the same accessory shank sizes and for the fast and your convenience, we can replace the attachment without using a wrench anymore. The manual will show you how to replace the accessory and we are sure you will be able to get familiar with it in no time.

Dremel 8220 and 4300 Features

The last point we want to mention here is the additional feature that you can find in these models because they can affect your decision as well. First thing first, since the 8220 is a wireless version, you will be able to run the machine for about an hour depending on what speed setting you choose. In addition to the slim body, the 4300 model is also coming with a small headlight at the front of the unit which is very useful to expose the detail of your working spot.

Dremel 8220 vs 4300

Both of them are very much the same models but also different because you will be more convenient without cable and this is why some people are going with 8220 machine but, since it only save a certain amount of power, we can’t rely on the for a job that require lots of time to finish when 4300 is more ideal. In addition, the 4300 also has electronic feedback control to maintain the output and small headlight to illuminate your working spot.

- COMPACT, PORTABLE, & POWERFUL: 12V Lithium-Ion battery provides maximum performance and run time at all speeds (5,000-30,000 RPM).
- VERSATILE ROTARY TOOL KIT: includes 8220 cordless rotary tool, 1 attachment, 28 high-quality Dremel accessories, charger, plastic storage case, and accessory case.
- QUICK ACCESSORY CHANGES – Patented EZ Twist Nose Cap makes accessory changes fast and easy without the need of a wrench
- REMOVABLE LI-ION BATTERY: Always ready with no memory effects. Charges in one-hour.
- PREMIUM ROTARY TOOL KIT- includes 4300 high performance rotary tool, 5 attachments, 40 high-quality Dremel accessories, and plastic storage case.
- HIGH POWERED MOTOR – Our most powerful motor delivers maximum performance even in the most demanding applications.
- VARIABLE SPEED - 5, 000 – 35, 000 RPM with electronic feedback for consistent performance & accurate tool control
- UNIVERSAL 3-JAW CHUCK – allows the use of ALL Dremel accessory shank sizes making it compatible with the entire line of our high-quality accessories.


There is no bad option between these rotary tools but we can pick the model that fits our application the most. We personally like the 4300 better because it is easier to get more reliable power and with addition of its smaller diameter to hold properly.

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