Dremel 7300 PT vs PGK

Among various power tools that are available in the market, Dremel is a brand that is well-regarded and trusted by professionals and hobbyists. In this article, we will help you choose between Dremel 7300 PT vs PGK. The Dremel 7300 rotary tool is a portable device suitable for light duty, and it is also popularly used for pet grooming.

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– Whether this rotary tool is easy and comfortable to use or not
– The speeds and performance of Dremel 7300
– Which one between Dremel 7300 PT vs PGK that is generally more recommended for you

Why Use Dremel 7300
Dremel is a name that we don’t need to doubt about. The Dremel 7300 rotary tool is one of the company’s smallest units, designed for light duty applications. It is available in several kits. Two of the most popular kits are Dremel 7300 PT and Dremel 7300 PGK. See also: Dremel 7300 vs 8050

This compact rotary tool is often said to be the perfect choice for anybody who needs a tool to aid them in various delicate tasks around the home. It is also an excellent addition to any toolbox, as it can substitute your main rotary tool for dealing with small tasks such as carving a wooden sign, drilling holes, and sanding surfaces.

Both Dremel 7300 PT and Dremel 7300 PGK are mainly designed for pet grooming, though you can still use the rotary tool for other tasks especially if you buy additional attachments and accessories. These kits include accessories for trimming your pet’s nails. When used as a nail grinder, Dremel 7300 is ideal for new groomers and pet owners who have little to no experience in cutting pet’s nails.

Indeed, trimming a pet’s nails can be a daunting task, especially for the inexperienced. Some dog owners are afraid to clip their dogs’ nails by themselves because they feat that they may hurt their dogs.

This is why Dremel 7300 can be an excellent solution. A nail grinder like Dremel 7300 will file the nail slowly but surely, instead of clipping a large part of the nail at once. As the effect, you can just stop when the nail is already short enough.

Still, there are several pros and cons to using a nail grinder. But a lot of professional dog groomers and pet owners often rely on nail grinders because they are very effective. With a nail grinder, it is much less likely to clip a nail too short or hurt the paw, though such problems are still possible if you are not careful.

What does Dremel 7300 PT come with?
The main difference between Dremel 7300 PT vs PGK is the accessories that come with them. Dremel 7300 PT is actually an older kit that has been in the market for some time. However, it is still a popular choice due to the affordable price and all-around functionality.

Inside the box of Dremel 7300 PT, you can find the following items:
– The Dremel 7300 4.8V Rotary Tool
– 1 Battery
– 1 Battery Charger
– 1 Mandrel
– 1 Pet grooming disc #407
– 4 Pet grooming discs #408
– 1 Wrench

Dremel 7300 PT is not very convenient to use because it doesn’t come with a simple way to change the attachment on the rotary tool. In order to change the disc, you need to use the included wrench. While the process is not too difficult, it still takes some time.

In addition, Dremel 7300 PT doesn’t come with the nail guard accessory. While this is completely optional, as you can still file your dog’s nails without one, having a nail guard can give you some peace of mind. It will ensure that you won’t clip the nail too short or hurt your dog’s paw.

What does Dremel 7300 PGK come with?
When choosing between Dremel 7300 PT vs PGK, keep in mind that Dremel 7300 PGK is a newer kit which comes with new accessories. It is slightly more expensive, but depending on how you groom your pet, you find the accessories more practical and useful.

Inside the box of Dremel 7300 PGK, you can find the following items:
– The Dremel 7300 4.8V Rotary Tool
– 1 Battery
– 1 Battery Charger
– 1 Nail Guard #AT01-PGK
– 1 EZ Lock Mandrel #EZ402
– 4 EZ Lock Pet Grooming Discs #SD60-PGK
– 1 Wrench

The included nail guard on Dremel 7300 PGK is really nice. The company claims that this is the first of its kind with a 45-degree paw guide, which will ensure that the nail is filed at a correct angle that won’t cause pain or injury. In addition, the nail guard is transparent, hence allowing you to see the nail clearly, and it will collect most of the nail debris for a mess-free operation.

Dremel 7300 PGK is also very convenient to use because the EZ Lock system will allow you to swap attachments very quickly. The process is very simple and straightforward.

Design and Ergonomics
One of the best things about Dremel 7300 is the compact and lightweight design. Hence, you won’t have any problem in maneuvering this tool for pretty much any task.

At barely 1.4 pounds, even a child can hold and control the Dremel 7300 rotary tool easily – although giving power tools to children is obviously not recommended. This is just to showcase that the tool is indeed very easy to hold and carry around. To enhance the comfort, Dremel 7300 features a soft grip surface that also prevents slipping.

The cordless nature also makes it even easier to use. You will never need to deal with tangled cables, and you also don’t need to worry about accidentally cutting the power cord when you are working with a cutting wheel or sanding disc.

Dremel 7300 can be used for a wide range of home improvement tasks and DIY projects. Note that it is mainly for light-duty tasks, so you should not rely on it for professional use. Even so, Dremel 7300 is still versatile enough to be useful in many conditions if you have the right accessories.

When used as a nail grinder, Dremel 7300 works pretty much like a nail file, except that it runs on a battery so that you won’t need to move it back and forth manually. The rotation is much faster than what you can do with a manual file, so it can get the job done much more quickly, yet without compromising your pet’s safety.

The “low” speed setting runs at 6,500 RPM, and is suitable for pet grooming. The “high” speed setting runs at 13,000 RPM and is more suitable for things like cutting and sanding materials.

When using it for filing your pet’s nails, make sure to press the head gently. Do not push it with too much force, as this will stop the disc from spinning and may also hurt your pet’s paw.

It is recommended that you stop once the pointed end of the nail is gone. Dremel 7300 takes some of the guess work away by allowing you to see the nail through the clear cover, but there is a possibility of nicking and causing a bleeding if you file the nail for too long.

Perhaps the only downside of Dremel 7300 is the fairly loud noise. It generates a buzzing noise when working, and some dogs can’t stand the noise. If your dog is timid or often anxious about grooming, Dremel 7300 is probably not the best choice for them.

You can use Dremel 7300 for sanding wooden surfaces and preparing them for varnishing or painting. You can also use Dremel 7300 for cleaning or polishing surfaces, eliminating excess materials, and removing rust from metals. Of course, you need to buy the sanding discs and grinding stones separately, as neither Dremel 7300 PT nor Dremel 7300 PGK includes such accessories.

Regardless of whether you choose Dremel 7300 PT or Dremel 7300 PGK, the rotary tool will be backed by a 2-year limited warranty. The warranty will cover any manufacturing defect that is found in the product. However, it won’t cover normal wear and tear. Nevertheless, the warranty coverage is quite long, and this indicates the company’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

You can check Dremel’s official website for common FAQs and troubleshooting tips. The Service and Repair page also provides contact information for the customer support and how to ship a rotary tool for a service.

Dremel 7300 PT vs PGK

- Rotary tool provides a safe, effective, less stressful alternative to clipping. Material: High Density Plastic. Battery Chemistry: Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd)
- Two rotation speeds let you safely and carefully grind nails in stages. Battery-powered device uses a 60-grit sanding drum to comfortably trim toenails in a manner that is designed to be harmless and humane
- Cordless operation for optimum control. In order to insert the bit into the tool, the user must first unscrew the top in order for the collect to expand, and then tighten the top to secure the bit
- World’s first 45-degree paw guide assures the correct angle for success when trimming your pet’s nails
- The attachment captures nail dust and contains a fur guard, with a clear cap for easy viewing
- Contains a simple hinge for easy cleaning and assembly.Two Speeds (6,500 and 13,000 RPM)

These two kits come with the same rotary tool. However, Dremel 7300 PGK is generally more recommended. It is the newer kit which comes with more sophisticated accessories. It has a nail guard which is very useful for pet grooming and preventing a mess. It also comes with the EZ Lock system for swapping accessories quickly and easily.

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