DALSTRONG Shogun vs Gladiator

Knife is an integral item all kitchens must have because it is what we used to prepare the ingredients before being cooked or processed further. Reliable kitchen knives like DALSTRONG Shogun Vs Gladiator will help you finish the job faster and more effectively because these knives are very sharp and last very long. However, they are also different and before deciding to choose one, let’s see what these models can offer below and decide which of them will fit in your kitchen better based on what you need.

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  • DALSTRONG Shogun Vs Gladiator

Kitchen Knife

Cooking is art for some and trade for the rest of us depending on which way of life we choose as we grow older. As the kitchen is where the house is often centered in; here we make the meals for the family and gather to enjoy it at least two times each day, the area has become an integral part of the house. We have been learning to cook since a young age watching our mother preparing meals and seeing what she holds all the time, chances are it is a kitchen knife.

Unlike a stove or cooking vessels, a kitchen knife is a very personal tool, it is not only the item we used to cut ingredients but the tool that reflects what we have gone through while owning and using them. Professional cooks may have used various knives in their kitchens but for the majority of us, usually we only use one or maximum two knives for daily cooking while leaving the rest of the kitchen knives set rust away. This is a personal experience but we are sure many relate as well.

Just like how we use it, choosing a kitchen knife is a personal matter and you don’t have to have the same option as other people since as long as they are functional and feel amazing in your application, any knife will be useful. 

Choosing Kitchen Knife

However, it can be very confusing to just go to the store and grab any knife that seems to attract your attention. The easiest way to choose a kitchen knife is probably based on the blade design itself e.g. the more they are designed for cutting veggies or fruits, the less useful these knives will be in general tasks. In general, narrow blades are more ideal for cutting raw meat or fish and are not very amazing for fast chopping. 

Product Dimensions17.2 x 4.7 x 1.5 inches
16.93 x 4.06 x 1.42 inches
Shipping Weight8.6 ounces
8 ounces
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If you are in the market for all-purpose knives, especially for cutting large meat and fish or veggies, a Gyuto or chef’s knife and Bunka will be two ideal options to consider. For those who prefer to work with a shorter knife, the other version Santoku will be a better choice while if you are living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle then vegetable-oriented knives like Nakiri and Usuba will be more suitable. In addition, if you don’t like using much force, blade sharpness is a very important part to note.

In general sharp knives are very thin and tend to be more sensitive to heavy duty applications including cutting bones, fish slicing or filleting as well as cracking some shells like coconut shells. If your tasks will require more strength, thicker knives are the options.

About DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator

As kitchen knives are available widely, it is easier to afford and find the perfect option but always make sure of what you need them for or their functionality and quality first before purchasing one. Many of them are suitable for regular kitchen use and many are even more reliable for heavy duty use or those who need a more specific knife for more specific tasks but we always tend to stick with popular names as they are easily available and have proven by many to be reliable.

Amazing knives are often expensive and it is because they need painstakingly long and meticulous processes as well as good quality materials to create such sharp and reliable products. Among those many good brands to shop from, if you want to spend less but have long lasting, satisfying knives then DALSTRONG should be in your list. We are sure most people are familiar already with this brand as they are very much popular but, thankfully it is for good reason as many have good experiences with their knives. 

You can also pick any types from their catalog because they carry various models to choose from depending on what you need the tool for. For application in the kitchen, we do think two of the most versatile options will be DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator. Both of them are ideal for almost any applications whether you want to cut veggies, fruits, or meats and what we love the most from them is their sharpness. However, being different knives these two are also slightly different.

What mostly set knives to each other is often their blades and this also seems to what set DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator apart as well. While they are equally useful in the kitchen, we do think the latter is more suitable for a heavier job compared to Shogun. However, we also think you can never go wrong with any of them because for home use they can do the basic job nicely except for those who often buy meat in bulk since you may want to have butcher knives for the job.

DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator Design

It is easy to tell the difference between these knives because they are using a different steel but let’s talk about the material later. As you can see they are not exactly the same and for this article, we are using the 9.5-inch of Shogun and 8-inch of Gladiator chef’s knife but the width of the latter will be thicker in comparison. In addition, they also have different handle design in which the former use DALSTRONG Ultra Premium G-10 handle while the latter has Black Pakkawood from Spain.

These knives are very robust and feel good at hand with a blade thickness equally at 2.5mm but, you will feel a significant difference between them when holding them on different hands because even with the Shogun slightly longer blade this one is still lighter compared to Gladiator 257.2 grams and 290.6 grams. The blade tips angle are also different and overall Shogun has a pointier or shallower angle than its brother. Read also: KA BAR Becker BK2 Vs Gerber LMF II.

DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator Steel

Moving further, as it has been mentioned above, the most important part will be their blade itself and in this part DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator are already so different. You can already guess that Shogun is using Japanese steel and the other is German steel. In general both of them are amazing and work well in your kitchen as well as versatile but in comparison, we can simply use Rockwell score to tell which is harder and Gladiator uses 56+ steel with Shogun uses 62+ steel which means it is harder.

The most apparent effect of different Rockwell ratings is how the blade will hold its edge longer and it is also a well-known fact that Japanese steel is one of the best in retaining its sharpness. On the other hand, softer steel like German steel used in Gladiator may not going to stay sharp forever but the steel itself is actually more durable and more resistant against chipping or even breaking compared to how sharp steel usually is.

DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator Performance 

Coming to their performance, DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator are already very sharp out of the box so we doubt that we need to sharpen them again in the short term. They are working very well in cutting various ingredients from vegetables, fruits, to fish, chicken, and meat but the lightweight Shogun somehow feels more comfortable when used in slicing motion such as filleting chicken breast or fish. It is also easy to hold when peeling skins like potatoes and apples.

On the other hand, Gladiator is also multifunctional but even more versatile in our opinion because the additional weight is very helpful when you are working with thicker or sturdier objects such as meat and bones. This knife is also more comfortable for fast slicing motion such as chopping garlic or slicing onion and cabbage thinly.

DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator Care

The last part we want to mention is their caring system because different steel often needs different sharpening tools and for the nature that German steel is less hard compared to Japanese steel, this knife will require more frequent sharpening but you can easily sharpen it again with honing steel. For Shogun, since it requires less sharpening, you may have lots of time before finding the knife no longer effective yet, the edge tends to chip more if worked with sturdy ingredients.

DALSTRONG Shogun vs Gladiator

These knives are favorite for more than one reason which are affordable, made from high quality material, as well as very sharp. The differences between DALSTRONG Shogun and Gladiator is mainly on their steel itself as the former uses Japanese AUS-10V steel and the latter uses German steel with lower Rockwell rating. In application Shogun is light, with hard steel, and ideal for those with light hands while heavier application might call for Gladiator which is heavier and more durable in terms of chipping and breaking.

- The Ultimate Chef's Knife: A Dalstrong culinary revolution combining outstanding and award-winning craftsmanship
- Unrivalled Performance: Ruthlessly sharp scalpel like edge is hand finished to a mirror polish within a staggering 8-12°degree angle per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method
- Dalstrong Power: An ultra sharp AUS-10V Japanese super steel cutting core at 62+ Rockwell hardness: extraordinary performance and edge retention.
- A Chef Knife Engineered to Perfection: Ultra-premium G-10 handle is military grade with life-long durability. Carefully hand polished
- Outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning design elements, and premium materials. Peak performance has never looked so good at this price.
- Incredibly razor sharp, full-tang, imported high-carbon German steel with a hand polished edge at 14-16 degrees per side. Precisely tempered and stain resistant.
- Award winning design, with satisfying heft, premium materials and quality feel. Luxury imported black pakkawood handle is triple-riveted with a grip that ensures comfort and maneuverability
- Engineered to perfection at 56+ Rockwell hardness and hand polished to a satin finish. Carefully tapered for improved hardness, flexibility, and minimal slicing resistance. Tall blade height provides useful knuckle clearance.


You can’t go wrong with these two especially at this price point but we recommend to choose based on what sounds more suitable for your application. We personally like Gladiator weight and its versatility, so you can take care of almost anything with just one knife.

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