Crkt M16 Vs M21

The folding knife is a versatile tool. Called the versatile because knives can be used for cutting fruit, cut the cord, open the envelope, to defend themselves. Folding knife generally has at least one knife can be folded in the handle. Because it is easily folded, this handy blade can be stored in bags and taken elsewhere. For those of you who want practicality certainly recommended choosing a knife from Crkt M16 vs M21 which has the form of a long and slender with a switchblade and a neutral color. Even so, you are definitely confused choosing a knife where the best quality. Therefore, the following are given some of the comparisons between this knife.

Crkt M16
The Columbia River Knife and Tool’s M16-10KZ sport opens a length of 7,125 inches that folds to a length of 4 inches. Weighs 2.3 ounces very little, it disappears in the pocket. This dimension fits within the reach of EDC easily. It is a relatively good balance and feels good at hand. Lightweight does not compromise with handling – and it does not feel thin either. 3 inch blades made of beautiful 8Cr15MoV steel finished with EDP. Steel holds a good edge and can be very very sharp.

Blades that have hollow grinds with Tanto points are designed that are great for more complicated work. It also has aggressive serrations. Knives, overall, big-Search, especially with EDP finish. A Carson spreading “fins” is quick and easy. CRKT has made use of their brilliant AutoLAWKS locking system for M16-10KZ. M16-10KZ handle matching blades in aggressively visible. Made of solid nylon-filled sheets, coupled with a slim design, handles good knife compliments, makes for a balanced blade. The ergonomics of a large blade. As an EDC knife that demands regular use, the most important handling and CRKT must have designed a comfortable knife.

Crkt M21
The Columbia River Knife and Tool’s M21 has several variations. Some have spear edge tipping, deep bellied, swap direction, and jagged. There are also models that are sharp, sharp, sharp, jagged, and three point rims with specification 3.99 for length, 0.14 inches for thickness and total length of 92.5 inches. The M21 is designed to be a daily knife; therefore, the blade uses high grade AUS 8 stainless steel. It holds an older edge and low maintenance. The handle is made of thick 6061 T6 anodized aluminum, hence the term “aluminum folder.” There is a variety of colors, to match the blades with a choice of several shades of gray, charcoal and brown deserts.

In the first case, M21 has a patented “AutoLAWKS” system. This ensures that when the blade is very open, it will not close accidentally or by force. In both cases, the M21 incorporates the “Carson Fin” knife extension is very popular. This small bulge in the blade allows for easy opening and functioning as a hand guard. In the third case, the M21 incorporates a sturdy design, the best materials and skilled craftsmanship. As a result, you have a knife that can withstand abuse. Most experts can not find fault in the basic construction of knife and aluminum handle. They, however, found some improvement points for accession. For example, a pocket clip is placed in an awkward location. No this seems to have been made for a pocket, pants pockets.

Name Crkt M16Crkt M21
Key Features- Made of highest quality material - Manufacturer: CRKT - CRKT M16 spear point plain edge knife black w/frame lock - Handles are shaped and contoured as with all M16 styles - Handle is made of classic black oxide finish- Made of the highest quality materials - Blade Length: 3.99 inches - Blade Material: 8Cr14MoV - Style: Deep-Bellied Spear Point - Open Overall Length: 9.25 inches

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Actually, the Crkt M21 has a much beefier blade and aluminum handles. The large size is very nice to hold if you have large hands. And it flips open with great ease too. While, with Crkt M16, watch the variation in size and material because this will affect the price. Overall, Crkt M16 vs M21 series are fantastic. You should probably begin a collection as well.

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