Schrade SCHF28 Vs SCHF45

Schrade SCHF28 and Schrade SCHF45 are two large fixed knives that won’t cost you a fortune. These knives are so large and beefy, suitable for combat and survival purposes. Schrade SCHF28 Little Ricky is the shorter one of the two, featuring a curved cutting edge and a drop point design. On the other hand, Schrade …

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Schrade SCHF9 Vs SCHF10

Knives are very essential tools in our life, we use it for many purpose, they are used in kitchens, different various and as survival tools too. In this article I will compare two knives Schrade SCHF9 and SCHF10. I will discuss the advantages of each of them through making comparison between them, Schrade SCHF9 vs …

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Schrade SCHF9 Vs SCHF9N

At present, the Schrade knives have become immensely popular and one of their most significant products happens to be the Schrade SCHF9N. Apart from being reputed for its durability it also has a fantastic design. In fact, it is being used in many households across the globe these days. Besides the aforementioned model, there is …

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