Black and Decker RTX vs Dremel 4000

Confused between Black and Decker RTX vs Dremel 4000? The following discussion will help you decide! Clearly, Black and Decker RTX has been introduced into the market in order to compete against high-performance Dremel models, such as Dremel 4000. Still, there are several notable differences, and choosing will depend on what you need from your rotary tool.

Continue reading below to learn further about:
– The design, ergonomics, and build quality of each model
– The speed ranges of Black and Decker RTX and Dremel 4000
– The additional features and included accessories on each model
– The power of Black and Decker RTX vs Dremel 4000
– Which high-performance rotary tool that’s generally better

Black and Decker RTX: Design
Black and Decker RTX will immediately impress you with its compact design. Despite the affordable price, you will get an amazing well-built rotary tool with excellent ergonomics. It has an excellent balance between weight and power. See also: Dremel 4000 vs 4300

The red plastic body is given a rubber grip surface at the tip, hence encouraging you to hold it like a pen. This is the preferred position for precision work. You can also hold it from above, so that you can have better stability when doing rough work. Either way, the balance is excellent.

Black and Decker RTX features a variable speed control which ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM. With a 2-amp motor, this rotary tool is in the middle of the small die grinders class. It is powerful enough for performing precision work, but the power fades relatively quickly on rough carving work. In general, this rotary tool is able to maintain a consistent speed. It only slows down on the heaviest cuts and densest materials.

The motor is turned on when you push the on/off switch forward. Since the switch is not located near the grip area, you need to be careful not to put your hand anywhere near the bit when turning the unit off. For a hobbyist equipment, Black and Decker RTX has good enough build quality. It should be durable enough for most DIY projects. However, it won’t be able to survive the abuse of heavy construction work, so it is not recommended for professional tasks.

The power cord is notably longer than any Dremel rotary tool. It measures 7.6 feet long. This will allow you to have better reach and mobility. At the joint where the body meets the power cord, there is a boot that prevents the power cord from getting in the way of the rotary tool during an operation.

Black and Decker RTX: Features and Accessories
The bit change procedure of Black and Decker RTX vs Dremel 4000 is one of the most convenient ever. There is a lever at the front side which locks the spindle in place. As the effect, you can use both of your hands to loosen the collet using a wrench. Tightening the collect in a secure way is easy and doesn’t require much strength. The whole process is simple and quick.

Since Black and Decker RTX uses a 1/8″ collet, it should be compatible with most of Dremel accessories. At the front side, there is a gray ring that hides mounting threads which you can use to mount guide plates. The mount is also compatible with Dremel accessories as well.

Nevertheless, the quality of Black and Decker RTX accessories often vary. You may need to experiment with several different bits in order to find one that works best for your purpose. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as the interoperability of the bits from different manufacturers will allow you to use pretty much any thing that works.

The bag which comes with the kit is only a little bit better than a basic ziplock bag. It is made from plastic, and there is just a single compartment. Hence, organizing the accessories can be tricky.

Black and Decker RTX: Performance
If we compare the performance of Black and Decker RTX vs Dremel 4000, we may not notice the difference right away. However, after several uses, it is clear that Black and Decker RTX is better suited for precision work and not for tasks that require great power.

Indeed, when you pick up Black and Decker RTX, the first thing that you want to do is engraving. The speed and power of the motor, the lightweight design, and the super-comfortable ergonomics combine together to offer a virtually flawless experience. Making fine precision cuts poses no problem for this rotary tool.

However, as the bits get larger, the performance of Black and Decker RTX drops. Sanding and carving still produce reasonable results. But the mediocre power output limits what this rotary tool can do. While it can still do a heavy-duty job, it will take some time and patience.

Of course, Black and Decker RTX is not merely a toy. It is reliable for projects up to a certain scale. At the same time, it is not a replacement for a professional rotary tool or a real two-piece grinder.

Dremel 4000: Design
Dremel power tools are loved by both hobbyists and professionals, for good reasons. Their products typically have good build quality and reasonable power. In addition, their products are often sold in kits that include various bits and accessories, which are always useful and valuable. Dremel 4000 is not an exception.

This rotary tool is tough and durable. It can withstand drops or accidents that may occur in a worksite. In addition, it is backed by a decent 2-year warranty, even though the warranty for professional use is only 1 year due to the expected excessive use and abuse. Nevertheless, if you are careful and diligent enough to take care of the rotary tool, it should be able to last for a long time.

Arguably, Black and Decker RTX vs Dremel 4000 are among the easiest to use models in the market. In case of Dremel 4000, this is mostly because of the compact and lightweight design. It is very easy and comfortable to handle, without ever really causing hand fatigue. Though, the 6-ft long power cord is a bit shorter than that of Black and Decker RTX.

Dremel 4000 also features a 360-degree grip zone. You can hold the rotary tool in any position you want, so it is very flexible and versatile. That said, holding the rotary tool like a pencil is not the best way of handling, as the body is a little bit too fat.

Dremel 4000: Features and Accessories
One of the most highlighted features of Dremel 4000 is the electronic feedback. According to the company, Dremel 4000 is able to sense the workload and adjust its power accordingly, while at the same time also maintaining the speed. In use, the performance is indeed very stable and consistent, no matter if you are cutting a wooden plank or an aluminum tube.

This rotary tool has a speed range of 5,000 – 35,000 RPM. It can be adjusted for various tasks, from the light ones to the heavy and rough ones. Dremel 4000 comes with a large collection of accessories. Depending on the tool kit that you choose, you may get 26, 30, 34, 36, or 50 accessories.

The attachments have been specifically tailored to Dremel 4000’s speeds. For example, the SC456 cutting disc can be used on metals at up to 35,000 RPM, whereas the sanding discs are to be used on wood or soft metals at less than 20,000 RPM. Compared to rotary tools with fully variable speeds, Dremel 4000 feels quite more effective.

The included case is really good. It is solid and tough. There are several pockets which will allow you to organize the accessories.

Dremel 4000: Performance
Despite only having a 1.6-Amp motor, Dremel 4000 still feels really powerful. This is apparently because of the electronic feedback feature. Nevertheless, Dremel 4000 has enough power for any DIY project and home improvement task. In addition, it is compatible with most Dremel attachments and accessories. The sophisticated cooling system also ensures consistent performance, even after an extended continuous use.

Getting the maximum precision is surprisingly easy. You can adjust the speed to perfectly suit the task at hand, and aiming the tip with both hands doesn’t require much effort. This rotary tool performs comparatively better than many other corded and cordless models in the market.

Although this rotary tool will still need to take some time in order to tackle the heaviest task, the stable and consistent performance is really impressive. Not to mention that there are attachments and accessories for every purpose. As long as you are using the right attachment, you should be able to get the job done.

Black and Decker RTX vs Dremel 4000

- Rotary tool includes 27 accessories to perform wide variety of tasks
- 2 Amp, high torque motor provides superior power
- 3 adjustable speeds (12,000/24,000/30,000 RPM) for precision work
- Flip-Lock system makes for quick and easy accessory change outs
- Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM; easy-to-understand speed dial features
- Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments
- Includes 30 Dremel accessories and 2 Dremel attachments
- 360-degree grip zone for control in any position. Cord Length:: 6ft

Both of them are good rotary tools. However, in the end, Dremel 4000 is more recommended. It has very good build quality and is backed by a decent warranty. It comes with various attachments and accessories for a wide range of tasks. The performance is excellent. Thanks to the electronic feedback, Dremel 4000 can maintain very stable and consistent power.

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