Benchmade 710 Vs 940

If you are looking for high quality folding knives to carry everyday, Benchmade comes with some of the best options available for money. However, with various models produced by the company, choosing one of them can be very confusing. Well, do not worry! Here, you can find detailed information on the differences and comparison of the best Benchmade models. In the following article, we will discuss about Benchmade 710 vs. 940. Both are popular choices to carry everyday, but both goods have some important differences that change performance and functionality.

Benchmade 710
You are supposed to ask about the other review and one of them we provide on here Benchmade 710 vs 810. The grip on the popular black 710 G-10 has some scales for extra grip but overall we found the handle to be a tad bit slick for our likes. G-10 is our “go-to” material deal and is very durable and reliable in most situations, but comes in various forms on a variety of pocket knives. Here used for some effects, but we’ve seen it perform better. Stainless steel liners are produced from 410 steel and have cutout holes (or skeletonized) to lose weight without sacrificing too much power.

This knife is a satin finish, modified clip-point without serration or jumping and has a fairly shallow sweep with a smooth recurve on the edges. Grind hollow that starts up high on the knife and provides great slicing ability. This blade shape is also perfect for poking and thrusting and as we have come to expect from a benchmade knife insanely sharply from the box. You’ll find a lot of knife fans choosing 154CM for D2 because many manufacturers do not do a good job of treating the heat of D2 which causes in the lack of amplification. However, Benchmade got it right in this case. Note that high levels of carbon in D2 may make it slightly more susceptible to rust than steel alternatives. That said, keep it clean and lightly oiled and you will not have any problems.

Benchmade 940
The Benchmade 940 folder is a great pocket knife. This knife is for someone who is looking for a high quality knife, which will last for a long time. This is great for helping with daily work and is indeed made to last a long time doing this work as long as it is properly cared for and cleaned frequently. The knife blade is made of steel, S30V option. It is a higher end steel that has many great qualities to extend the life of the blade. The characteristics of the S30V steel include the ability to resist rust, maintaining very sharp and overall it is just a tough, durable steel which is one of the best steels for common knife blades. 3.4 inches long blade and 0.115 inches wide.

This is a big blade that will stay sharp for a long time. This knife has an inverted tanto knife. The reverse tanto knife is where there is a steep angle to the tip of the blade. The steep angle makes the blade look like it has a drastic drop point. The knife also has the thumb of ambidextrous easy button left and right handed opening. The handle is made of anodized aluminum green handle, lined with stainless steel. Anodizing is a process used to increase oxide levels on metal surfaces. Increased oxide makes the metal less likely to corrode. This handle is not excessively formed with finger groove, etc. This is a simple form that makes for a comfortable grip with any hand. The handle is 3.34 inches long and 0.410 inches thick. Pocket clips can be switched to fit on both sides.

Name Benchmade 710 Benchmade 940
Key Features- Custom Scales for Benchmade 710. Fit on knife D2 and m390 steel - Design ARAMIS AKHMEDOV -Include left and right scales, 1 spacer (G10), 4 Screws (eurostandart M2x5)- 3.40" (8.64cm) Reverse Tanto style blade, weighing only 2.90oz (82.21g) - CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC) premium stainless steel with well-rounded characteristics, including excellent corrosion resistance and superb edge qualities.

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Blade on the ares is between Benchmade 710 vs 940. While the 710 is pretty long, of the 4 inch size blades with the smallest or even easiest to carry because it is quite slim, and also narrow which is key in being unobtrusive right after thinness of handle. For example while the Spyderco Military is big length wise, because it is nice and flat and also light its quite easy to carry without noticing too much, but it is a bit on the wider side, while the 710 is probably only 75% the width of the Military, we would totally say go for the 710 for the Steel and G10 handle.

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