Benchmade 710 Vs 810

Benchmande is known as one of the best brands of blade knife out there. Benchmade’s product are also always considered as its high quality models. However, deciding one knife out from all the series and options can be confusing enough for us. But, since this review will provide what you are being confused, you can the differences and comparisons between most popular Benchmade models, Benchmade 701 vs 801. Further more? Please read on the following below we already provided.

Overal Dimensions and Differences
The first thing we can immediately notice is that the Benchmade 810 is quite significantly larger than the Benchmade 710. As you can see, the Benchmade 710 is a fairly sleek, compact and lightweight blade. The property makes it very portable. It’s very convenient to carry along, an ideal choice for a daily carrying knife if you do not want something big and heavy in your pocket. On the other hand, the Benchmade 810 is slightly longer and significantly thicker than the Benchmade 710. The Benchmade 810 is also heavier than the siblings mentioned. Nevertheless, the Benchmade 810 is still quite portable.
Benchmade 710 is a very slick, light, thin yet comfortable package with only thinner similar design is a spyderco police, IMO. You get the axis lock and a large yet easy to carry design. You have to considere thinning your collection, but the 710 is just so useful and elegant, it’s hard too. On the other condition, Benchmade 810 is an amazing knife you will ever feel. M4 steel, reverse tanto with recurve and G10 handles with major scalloping for a secure grip. We disagree that the 810 carries small, it is fairly thick, and more like spyderco military. You will certainly can not forget that if you have a 4 inch knife on me when you carry it anywhere you go.

The Handles and Blades
The second knife has been equipped with a G10 handle. At Benchmade 710, the grip of the machine. It has the axis locking system with ambidextrous thumb button. It feels pretty solid. Meanwhile, on Benchmade 810, a heavily-grinded handle for the best tactile handle. A very textured grip creates such a solid and confident handling. Knife also has axle locking system and ambidextrous thumb stud opener.
Benchmade 710 comes with a modified clip-point blade made of D2 tool steel. Benchmade 710 is widely used for various purposes. It has a decent degree of violence with HRC 59-61. On the other hand, though, the Benchmade 810 has many bruiser blades. This knife is overbuilt and tough like a nail. Built from the Super Steel BPT-M4, this blade has a higher hardness level, which is HRC 62-64. The blades are designed with an upside-down and very sharp style with large retention edges. If you need something that is not destructive, Benchmade 810 is your best bet here.

Name Benchmade 710 Benchmade 810
Key Features- Custom Scales for Benchmade 710. Fit on knife D2 and m390 steel - Design ARAMIS AKHMEDOV -Include left and right scales, 1 spacer (G10), 4 Screws (eurostandart M2x5)- Reverse Tanto style blade, weighing 5.92oz. (167.83g) - CPM-M4 is a powder metal, non-stainless, special purpose high speed steel that offers excellent wear resistance and toughness.

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Generally and to be honest, Benchmade 810 is more superior and clearly better than the competitor Benchmade 710. The blade especially is thicker and harder as well and also simply much more durable. It will be more usable too when it is using as a demand and purpose that they will last for a long time enough. And one more thing, it definitely looks nice on the design so far.

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