Benchmade 530 Vs 531

The folding knife is one of the tools and equipment activities in the wild or the pool should not be on forget. Because this is a folding knife is a pretty vital equipment given our security in the wild. This folding knife has been sold, so don’t worry about not to get it and you can find this on the penknife sports shop or accessories. Folding knife has a different base material like stainless steel and carbon. Range of any brand popping up before and one of them was Benchmade 530 vs 531. For those of you who are confused or did coincidence was looking for knives, perhaps the following comparison will slightly help you in taking the right decision.

Benchmade 530
Benchmade 530 sport blade 3.25 “and overall length 7.42”. The blades are designed by Benchmade’s champion Mel Pardue. Those familiar with Pardue will recognize him as a Griptilian designer. Under this knife awning shares some design properties similar to Griptilian: reinforced plastic handle, partial liners and 154CM steel usage. The 530’s knife is a satin finish point or black spear lined with long edges that end in short and narrow stomachs. There is also an option to add a semi jagged knife if your preference. The thin blade is the ground being a dagger profile with a large swedge that divides the blades evenly down the middle.

The form has caused many people not yet know to refer 530 as a folding knife, a two-edged figurative comparison. On one hand a knife may be intimidating enough to drive out a robber. On the other hand, flicking a knife to open a beef jerky bag may raise a few eyebrows at the mall. The stock blade is already very thin at 2.29 mm, but grinding on this knife makes the blades narrower and brighter while maintaining a strong tip. Because of this, it is a good and excellent cutting tool. One thing to note about a knife is that it is so thin that it’s possible to flex ever so slightly, but not enough to be annoying for you every day tasks like opening packages or destroying boxes.

Benchmade 531
Benchmade 531 boasts a G10 grip scale with texture patterns and herringbone colors. The handle scales are supported by partial liners that extend up the spine. There are some jumping lights on the liners that give your thumb a few extra grips right where the G10 curve grips onto the path a little thumbs. This is perfect control for your thumb when making slicing or cutting wounds. A unique finger groove that serves as a place where the thumb buttons sit when the blades are closed allows you to get your index finger locked in when making heavy cuts allows you to keep a solid grip on this great little knife. 531 has a reversible (left / right) tip up pocket clip. The stainless steel 154CM blades and can be found with satin or BK coated black finish. Available with a plain edge or combo edge. 3.25 many big knives to get serious injuries done and because of the knife, so the light-it only weighs 2.10 ounces-it is the perfect knife to carry the pocket. It will not take too much real estate pocket but it will allow you to take care of whatever world decides to throw at you.

Name Benchmade 530Benchmade 531
Key Features- Spear-point blade; ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener - 154CM stainless steel blade (58-61HRC)- 154CM is a premium grade steel developed for tough industrial applications - The textured G10 handle offers exceptional strength to weight, imperviousness to moisture

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If you just need an ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight office carry blade, you can choose Benchmade 530 – but you can also consider that the knife is not well-suited for heavy-duty works. Generally and commonly, Benchmade 531 will make the best choice for you to choose. Being thicker than the competitor, the model is more rugged and durable, more suitable for EDC and heavy-duty. It feels strong and solid in hand as well.

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