Becker Bk7 Vs Schrade SCHF9

When it comes to the outdoor life and going wild, a knife is a basic survival tool that the soldier, camper or hiker just cannot do without. A strong, versatile blade can mean the difference between going hungry and having a belly full of meat at the end of the day. And, in combat situations, a good knife can mean the difference between life and death.

The Bk7 is a knife designed specially for soldiers, and it features a lightweight construction, affordable cost and high versatility. It easily handles jobs such as chopping wood, skinning game, prying and hammering. The handle has a firm grip, and incorporates a lanyard hole at the end, which allows you to secure the knife at your wrist or suspend it from a branch. Leg lashing inserts are also provided in case you need to wrap the knife to your leg. The knife has a firm grip, and comes with a sheath that makes it resistant to the elements and long lasting. (See also: Schrade SCHF9 Vs SCHF9N)

The Schrade Schf9 is an extreme survival knife, and features a lightweight design, similar to the Bk7. The blade is sturdy and thick, measuring in at 0.24 inches at its thickest point, comparing favorably with the Bk7, which measures in at 0.188 inches thick. The Schf9 features a rounded tip, which makes it more difficult to chip when hammering or pounding into the ground. This gives it an edge over the Bk7, which has a pointed tip better suited for combat situations. The blade of the Schf9 has a plain edge with no serrations. From the perspective of a survivalist, this makes it easier to sharpen and offers better utility in the field. The blade edge is further toughened by employing a full flat grind, which makes it particularly useful for chopping operations.

Name Becker Bk7Schrade SCHF9
Key Features- Designed Specifically for Soldiers and Adventurers - Sturdy, Lightweight Skeleton-handled Knife - Measurements: Blade length 7-Inches; Overall length 12.75-Inches - Edge Angles: 20 Degrees - Blade Type: Fixed Blade- 1095 High Carbon Steel Drop Point Blade - Ballistic Belt Sheath with Removable Storage Pouch and Lanyard - Blade Length: 6.4 inch (16.2 cm) Handle Length: 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) - Overall Length: 12.1 inch (30.7 cm) Weight: 1.0 pounds - Recreational and professional level use

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Overall, the choice between the Bk7 and the schf9 would largely depend on the functionality required. For a soldier whose main requirements is a weapon that has additional utility, the Bk7 would definitely be the better choice, seeing as it is customized to military operations. On the other hand, a camper or a survivalist would find the schf9 to be a better choice given its better performance on activities involved in securing food and shelter. Thus, the comparison yields a draw.

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