Becker BK7 Vs Esee 6

Today, we are going to make a review as you request us to make it and probably you are not needing this instead of your confusing all the time about these knives. We hope Becker BK7 vs Esee 6 can be so useful after a bit long articles we made below. Please take a deep attention on the conclusion, because it can even change your first choice as well as be your last choice too.

Becker BK7
Please take your time to read Becker BK7 vs Ka-Bar USMC since you will get more important information before you go further on this one. The full specification, Becker BK7 has a 7 inch length blade with an overall length of 12.75 inches, the blade thickness is 0.188 inches, and black powder epoxy powder coating layer. The grind comes in a high saber grind, but is flat, while handling the material that comes with full tang and grivory shapes. Finally, it has black nylon with a kydex insert sheath. In an effort to bring high-performance, affordable, combating utility knives to our troops, Ethan Becker consults with fellow tactical trainers, and also, veterans and active Infantry duties across the country.

They all say that the troops need a versatile knife that is capable of cutting, chopping light, dismantling, and hammering, by, All in a lightweight package. The operator also said that the sheath should be easy to use in conjunction with dental web, and durable. After much prototyping and testing. Where this great knife began to feel a little awkward in trying to do a more subtle job. Like skinning a small squirrel or chipmunk, whack the dot on a small branch of a tent-jerry rig, and similar to finer tasks, the knife is just a little too heavy and bulky. The 3 “knife is best suited for those kind of tasks, though 5” you can buy without much trouble. 7 knives just a little too big.

Esee 6
Esee 6, the blade is 6.5 long and 3/16 thick. Sophisticated 5.75 “with flat ground bevel and has more drop-point average more. This makes it easy to sharpen, and cut well. Esee 6 remains Blade. Made of 1095 carbon steel with Rockwell hardness 55-57, excellent for blade survival. Knife is also a powder coating to protect metal. Because of the 1095 carbon steel, the affected metal area may be susceptible to rust. Keeping the edge clean and oiled corrosion the other will start to eat in your knife. The handle is made of Micarta and is connected to three places through pliers.

Several different colors are available, including gray, green canvas, and black. Esee 6 micarta grip. Made from Micarta, the handle will survive the worst elements can throw at it. If you throw a knife in an element, you will probably damage the blade before handling. Hand-to-hand grip contour is excellent, so the knife is comfortable to hold. Unfortunately, the envelope is probably the low point of Esee 6. It is made from polymer molded plastic, not Kydex. It can be slippery and does not have enough drainage if it gets water in its sheath. On the plus side, the sheath holds a safe and ambidextrous blade.

Name Becker BK7Esee 6
Key Features- Designed Specifically for Soldiers and Adventurers - Sturdy, Lightweight Skeleton-handled Knife - Measurements: Blade length 7-Inches; Overall length 12.75-Inches- Field tested to ensure reliability - Made using high quality materials - Made in the USA

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Becker BK7 vs Esee 6 are durable and hold and also edge very well on each side. BK7 can make the Becker Knife and Tool line and have an excellent warranty. That said, you simply cannot beat the Esee/RAT Cutlery warranty. There is no warranty that is better than that. On top of that, the Esee 6 comes with a much better sheath, which is a big consideration for us absolutely and probably for you too. The choice is on your hands!

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