Becker BK7 Vs BK9

Ka-Bar is the contemporary popular name for the combat knife first adopted by the U.S Marine. The Becker BK7 and BK9 is the most finest combat knife and preferred by almost every elite solders at the first place as in combat & training. The knife is used in several countries during wars especially in the water zones.

Becker BK7 is a combat utility fixed blade knife. It can be used by all branches of military and service members. BK7 is sturdy, lightweight & all-purpose utility knife. This knife has durable glass fiber filled nylon handle. The thumb ramp on Becker BK7 is so convenient. (See also: Becker Bk7 Vs Schrade SCHF9)

Becker BK9 is a blend if Becker’s trademark cushy handle design and has also classified as an American Bowie style blade, the BK9 has capability to perform fine in every circumstance with less user weariness than most other knives in its class. Becker BK9 is full tang blade which has textured thumb rest for solid grip includes polyester sheath. It is an unique blade for combat and every sort of usage.

Name Becker Bk7Becker Bk9
Key Features- Designed Specifically for Soldiers and Adventurers - Sturdy, Lightweight Skeleton-handled Knife - Measurements: Blade length 7-Inches; Overall length 12.75-Inches - Edge Angles: 20 Degrees - Blade Type: Fixed Blade- Used by all branches of military and service members - Great for collectors and outdoor services - Tested to ensure quality and durability - Bowie knife with 1095 Cro-Van steel blade - Ergonomic Grivory handle minimizes user fatigue

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Now, if someone wants to determine which one should he prefer, then I will say think about who and where you are going to use this most of time for instance, a military man needs to perform deadly acts in every steps when they are in combat so, I think they should prefer BK7 cause, it has a 9 inch blade which is best for chopping, utility and combat on the other hand some military units would not allow a knife longer than the standard Ka-Bar. The BK9 is only one ounce heavier and is a much better balanced blade. In my perspective, someone who is willing to buy any among this two finest combat knife should need to understand his/her need and I guess only then it would be easy to determine which one would be perfect for you.

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