Becker Bk2 Vs Bk10

Every survival knife user search for the right knife and all of them know that a knife that do it all doesn’t exist, therefor the knife user needs a knife that suits his needs, and help him survive even the hardest conditions. If you’re one of them you must make sure your knife has a durable blade,fitting sheath, ergonomic handle, and something that offers durability and workmanship, This is exactly what the Becker bk2 and the Becker bk10 offers you, but whose the better one in the Becker bk2 vs bk10 ?

The bk2 wins over the bk10 at :
– the style and design is suiting the purpose of a survival knife more than the style of a bk10.
– the drop point will give you a better control of the blade. and the bk10 doesn’t have one like it .
– bk2 has a more powerful blade than bk10, that can do whatever you want it and can cut through anything.
– heavy and sharper enough to chop anything you want to chop.

The bk10 wins over the bk2 at :
– the bk10 looks cooler than bk2
– the bk10 has a very light weight that will make you able to carry it easily without any problem and which make your work with it way faster, unlike the bk2 which is very heavy and thick and make it hard for practical uses.
– the factory sheath of the bk10 is pretty good, better than the bk2.

At the end there’s no Becker bk2 vs bk10, it’s all just depend on what are you going to use it for, If you want it for camping for example and you need the enough power to carve or chop anything the bk2 will be a better option, but make sure you can handle it’s weight.

Name Becker BK2Becker BK10
Key Features- Designed by Ethan Becker - Manufactured by KA-BAR Knives Inc. - Comes with a hard shell black nylon sheath. - KA-BAR Becker stamp - Comes with polyester sheath - Blade length: 5-1/2"; Overall length: 10-7/8"

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If you need it for Daily uses, and you need to hangs it on your belt or ruck, or you have to walk with it for longs hunting trips or something, the bk10 is the one for you it has a very light weight.If you have have a big hands the bk2 is the one to fit your hands and if you have a little hands the bk10 will do.

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